WILD AMERICAN Buffalo Bill Rangers, is an upcoming American live-action/animated Country film, that will take place in the Monument valley and tombstone monument ranch town in the Wild West, where the herd of Buffaloes & White Buffaloes roaming, starring Coltrane John Mnich. It’s been distributed by universal pictures, and Amblin Entertainment.

Long ago in the Wild West, in the United States of America, where the Buffaloes and the White Buffaloes roaming in the Wild West to be find some food, when an evil criminal master mind guy named Governor Wally Farquard, he was about to capture these dark brown and pure white colored American Buffaloes for his collection, with his henchmen & Weasel Ferret Bandits. In Buffalo city in New York, Coltrane Buckaroo (Coltrane John Mnich) is about to pack his stuff, take the train, and head on out into the West, with his friends, Lester Licorice and Walter Woods. They’re going out into the town in the Wild West called, tombstone monument ranch town, this is where they belong. Coltrane meets Willie & Lillie Low-Mouse who were to Mice that just came here, so he has to help them and take good care of them. Coltrane & friend will be taking down Governor Wally Farquard, with his henchmen and Weasel Ferret Bandits in the sundown for good, and he’ll be setting the Buffaloes and White Buffaloes free in the wild, where they belong in the prairie.

Starring Coltrane John Mnich, and John Lithgow

Featuring Willie & Lillie Low-Mouse, and the Weasel Ferret Bandits

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