Genre Action
Magical girl
Based on W.I.T.C.H. comic
book series by
Elisabetta Gnone
Alessandro Barbucci
Barbara Canepa
2004 series by
SIP Animation
The Walt Disney
Developed by Dana Terrace
Daron Nefcy
Voices of Amanda Leighton
Candi Milo
Rachel Crow
Willow Shields
Tania Gunadi
Composer(s) Sunna Wehrmeijer
Brian H. Kim
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52
Dana Terrace
Daron Nefcy
Brad Graeber
Animation Studios

Disney Television
Distributor Disney-ABC Domestic
Original network Disney Channel
Related shows W.I.T.C.H (2004 TV series)

W.I.T.C.H. is an upcoming American animated television series, produced by Disney Television Animation and Powerhouse Animation Studios. It currently being developed by Dana Terrace creator of The Owl House and Daron Nefcy creator of Star vs. the Forces of Evil. The series is loosely based on the Italian comic books of the of the same name. It is the second adapation of the series following the 2004 series of the same name that aired on Jetix, this will be the fifth series to be done by a woman. It will air on Disney Channel.


15-16 high school girls Will, Irma, Taranee, Cathy and Hei Lee come together for fulfill their destinies as Guardians of the Veil with their allies Caleb and Blunk.

Season 1

In this re-telling of season 1 from the 2004 series the girls and their allies battle the sinister forces of Duke Phobos and Lord Cedric who are searching for the long lost princess of Meridian and true heir to the throne.

Season 2

In this re-telling of season 2 from the 2004 series the girls (now the Gaurdians of the Multiverse) and their allies must face off against Nerissa (leader of the former gaurdians) and the Knights of Chaos.

Voice Cast


Disney has been working another adapation of the comics different from the 2004 series, due to no renewal for a third season, it will be featured in the same animation style as She-Ra and the Princesses od Power. The series has a 78-episode commitment from Disney TV Animation, the first two seasons will consist of 26 episodes and will be a re-telling of season 1 and 2 from the 2004 series. The series will be produced by Disney Television Animation and Powerhouse Animation Studios, Dana Terrace creator of The Owl House and Daron Nefcy creator of Star vs. the Forces of Evil will serve as showrunners. Animation and backdrop will be outsourced to NE 4 U in South Korea and Snipple Animation in the Philippines, Xanthe Bauma and Rachel Geiger were hired as character designers Candi Milo and Steve Blum will reprise respective roles as Irma and Blunk from the original series with Ginny McSwain returning as voice director like the original series recording will take place at Studiopolis. The rest of the cast will consist of Amanda Leighton as Will, Rachel Crow as Taranee, Willow Shields as Cathy Hale and Tania Gunadi as Hei Lee, Sabrina Carpenter as Elyon, Grant Palmer as Caleb and Collin Dean as Matt Olsen, plus most of the original cast members from the first series also reprising their roles.

It will air on Disney Channel, the original series aired on Jetix before their defunct in 2009.


Sunna Wehrmeijer and Brian H. Kim will score the series with Kim will also serve as sound designer and Noam Kaniel composer of the first series will serve as music editor and cordinator.

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