Voyage is an American action-adventure comic book series, being published by IDW Publishing since October 12th, 2013.


Set in a world inhabited by animals and multiple ancient forms meld together, a fox ronin encounters a rabbit gunslinger as they go on a voyage to find the man who killed the ronin's master and to just protect the world.



  • Li - a serious fox ronin who lost his master to a mysterious figure and explores this world with Betty to find and defeat this mysterious man.
  • Betty - a feisty rabbit gunslinger who, after Li saved her from a criminal, decides to help Li in her own ways and helps him find the murderer of his master.
  • Ming - a slick and sneaky panda ninja who disguises herself as a male, since her clan doesn't allow women on it as she fights any kind of evil to prove Li her worth, leading to a rivalry between them, especially since ninjas and samurais are opposites.
  • Gordon - an intelligent squirrel mechanic who is able to create various steampunk-like mechs and technology in order to help Li to battle the forces of evil.


  • Sigmund - a dull polar bear from a region of Vikings and is a skilled blacksmith, being the personal blacksmith to Li.
  • Old Miles - a crazy skunk hermit who hides in a mysterious cave as he has been aware of several interesting factoids TBD.
  • Mayor Bruce - a protective ox who is the mayor of Crusty Gulch and is actually a friendly and nice guy despite his towering looks.
  • Roadkill - a crazy and conspiracist rabbit who believes the world is out to get him and hides underneath a bridge to "hide her identity".
  • Lady Cassandra Audare - a TBD hog who TBD.
  • The Soothsayer - a blind tiger who is a prophet and can supposedly see the future.
  • The Kappa - a mysterious turtle-like cryptid who aided Li and Betty on protecting his species' village.
  • Xandu - a warrior gecko who welds a legendary sword and shield and wears armor.
  • Todd - an old turtle who enjoys the outdoors.


  • Wu Kong/The Jade Demon - a spiteful and vicious scarred macaque who dishonorably killed Li's master and is now on the run as a mysterious mercenary named the Jade Demon.
  • Emperor Leopold - the corrupt and egotistical lion emperor of the Empire of Ixi as he heads prisoner gladiator fights and plots to conquer more land.
    • Empress Leona - Leopold's rather promiscuous wife who is willing to cheat on him with anyone in order to manipulate them into giving her as much power as she can use.
    • Olive and Vine - two tigers who are Leopold and Leona's maids and are loyal to them and do anything they want.
    • Brutus - a brutal wolf who is the champion of the arena and a feared commander and is shown to despise Emperor Leopold as he aims to overthrow him and take control of the Empire of Ixi.
  • Silver - a seductive and skilled cat who is a thief and has stolen various things and has a strange crush on Wu.
  • Claudia LeFume - an eccentric skunk fashion designer criminal who is plotting to use fashion to conquer the world.
  • Mako and Reaper - two sharks who are paid to cause any sort of TBD.
  • The Moon Oni - a demonic entity who TBD.
  • Gregory - an aggressive grizzly bear who is very violet and wanted to kill Li and the others.
  • The Mole Queen - a female mole who rules the moles and is extremely rude and wants to conquer the surface.
  • The Snake Queen - a giant snake who rules other snakes and is extremely mysterious and dangerous.
  • Andrew - a feisty and insane alligator who kidnaps unsuspecting victims and threatens to kill them.


  1. The Voyage Begins - A fox, after the death of his sensei, heads to locate the man who killed his sensei as he encounters a gunslinger rabbit as they deal with a mercenary out to kill them.
  2. The Ninja - While on their journey, Li and Betty cross with a ninja as they soon get into a battle to see which one is the strongest while Betty is trying to find a way to have them work together and not fight.
  3. The Mech - The gang arrives at a strange region where the inhabitants are using advanced technology to aid them as TBD.
  4. TBD - TBD
  5. TBD - TBD
  6. Dust Monsters - While residing with a Native tribe, the group learns of the rumors of a bunch of demonic monsters as they learn that these dust monsters are a hoax as TBD.
  7. TBD
  8. Mark of the Serpent - Ming gets a strange mark on her wrist as she TBD.
  9. Kraken Warrior - A giant, monstrous kraken leader sends his warriors to attack the settings of ancient forms, so Li and Betty must stop them.
  10. The Vision - TBD
  11. Festival of the Lost - Li and his friends head to a festival where they celebrate the lost souls. However, a sinister plan lurks during the festivities.

Television adaption

An animated television adaption is produced by 20th Television and it airs on FX since TBD 2018.

Voice cast


  • The series mixes and mashes various genres in one epic story.
  • The series has several subtle references to various forms of media and literature:
    • Gordon's name is a nod to Gordon Freeman, the main protagonist of the famous game series Half-Life.
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