Voltron: Legendary Defender: The Movie is an upcoming 2020 web television movie produced by DreamWorks Animation and World Events Productions. It is a reboot of both the Beast King GoLion anime series and the Voltron franchise, and its animation is a mix of anime-influenced traditional animation for characters and background and CGI for Voltron action sequences. It is set in a science fiction universe where planetary energy called "quintessence" can be used to power vehicles and magic. It's follows the adventures of the Paladins of Voltron who must learn to work together to form the giant robot Voltron and use it to defeat the evil Galra Empire.


8 years has past since the Paladins of Voltron disbanded, with peace finally reigning across the universe. However, the universe would once again find itself in jeopardy as an otherworldly being from beyond the quintessence field threatens to consume the peaceful reality that Voltron brought. Now, the truth behind Zarkon and Haggar has begun its move to consume all reality once more. Can the Paladins unite one final time to stop this menacing threat?!?


In the time before the multiverse and Voltron's creation, the first being to exist was the mother of all Balmera, Drule. Having dwelled in the quintessence field since the dawning of creation, Drule has fed for eons upon the many alternate realities of the multiverse; realities it breached with the fragments of its body, the trans-reality comets, and then consumed with its many appendages, which was the rift creatures.

But it became different when Voltron was forged; a weapon made of its very being that breached Daibazaal. Twice it foiled Drule's feeding and closed the universe off from it, despite its efforts using Zarkon and Haggar as pawns. But during that final battle that threatened all realities, it found a new pawn: a lonely soul who cried out for her mother.

In a alternate reality, Fara was the young daughter of Queen Allura and legendary hero Isamu Kurogane; both saviors of the universe from the Galran menace and rulers of New Alterra. Inheriting her mother's latent powers and her father's indominable spirit, Fara is much docile but suffered from a lack of control of her Altean powers that many feared threaten the planet. But despite her loneliness and isolation, the only light she held closely was of her mother.

The battle that redefined the multiverse between Voltron and Haggar threatening their reality, Queen Allura entrusted Isamu to protect Fara in a final effort to save themselves from their dying universe. Without saying goodbye, Fara cried out for her mother as her power tore the ark that carried her and Isamu across time and space; separating her from Isamu and left her adrift in the space between realities alone.

Fara eventually found a close friend and savior in Drule, since she could commune with the giant mother of Balmera and connect herself to its vast trans-reality powers with her overwhelming Altean magic, becoming omniscent of all the new realities after Voltron. She learned a terrible truth: a version of her mother Allura had sacrificed herself to restore all realities, but doing so erased every version of her from the multiverse.

Now Fara has worked with Drule to consume all of the realities it failed to feed; doing so with the promise to return her mother to her. Meanwhile, Isamu has traverse across realities to find her missing daughter and fulfill his last promise to Allura. His journey eventually brings him to reuniting the Paladins of Voltron.



  • Jeremy Shada as Lance, having difficulty adjusting to life without Allura.
  • Josh Keaton as Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane, him and Curtis having fathered a son, Adam.
  • Steven Yeun as Keith, he and Acxa have been dating on and off.
  • Rhys Darby as Coran


  • Erica Luttrell as Acxa, she and Keith have been dating since together since the Mamora humanitarian effort.
  • Kimiko Glenn as Ezor
  • Jamie Gray Hyder as Zethrid

Recurring Allies

  • Andrew Lincoln as Kade
  • Serinda Swan as Krolia
  • Emily Eiden as Shay
  • Blake Anderson as Matt Holt
  • Nolan North as Commander Samuel Holt
  • Mark Rolston as Kolivan

Film Characters

  • Jeremy Shada as Isamu, an older, grittier alternate version of Lance that grew together alongside Allura and fathered Fara, despite his work kept him busy and out of her life. Now a vagabond traversing across all realities in search of her daughter and keeping his promise to his late wife, he was suspected as an enemy of the Paladins only to later join them in the fight against Drule. He heroically sacrifices himself to save Lance before his quintessence fully merges into him, giving Lance his memories and the drive to move on from his past.
  • Kiernan Shipka as Fara, the child of Isamu and Queen Allura born with immense Altean magic that she cannot control, alienating her from everyone but her mother (and father to an extent). When she survived her reality collapsing at the cost of Allura; she works with Drule in a plot to unite all realities together into one for her to recreate her mother; thought she remains unaware of its motive to consume that reality.


The film's official soundtrack will be released on September 12, 2020 and will available on itunes. The film's songs and score were composed by Alex Geringas, Brad Breeck and Brian Parkhurst where Jeremy Shada contributed an original song to the film.


  1. DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender Theme Song - Alex Geringas
  2. I'm See The Light Now - Jeremy Shada
  3. Before Voltron - Brad Breeck
  4. The end of King Orion - Brian Parkhurst
  5. Alfor vs. Liron - Alex Geringas and Brad Breeck
  6. Try This Song - Alex Geringas
  7. Meet a Droid/Liron's Evil Sword - Brad Breeck
  8. Possessive Keith - Brian Parkhurst
  9. The Separatists of Liron - Brian Parkhurst and Alex Geringas
  10. Hanyō's Day - Alex Geringas and Brad Breeck
  11. Keith vs. Lotor - Brian Parkhurst
  12. Shiro Stops Keith - Alex Geringas
  13. Sword on the Run - Brad Breeck
  14. Marmora History - Brian Parkhurst and Alex Geringas
  15. Lotor hits Keith - Brad Breeck
  16. Battle of the Separatists - Alex Geringas
  17. Keith Confronts Olaza - Alex Geringas
  18. Shiro Saves Keith - Brad Breeck
  19. Shiro and Allura Kidnap - Alex Geringas and Brad Breeck
  20. All eyes see Alfor - Brian Parkhurst
  21. Keith Found - Alex Geringas and Brad Breeck
  22. Voltron Comes to Liron - Alex Geringas
  23. Voltron protects all - Brian Parkhurst
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