Voltron: Defender of the Future
Genre Action/Adventure
Science fantasy
Based on Voltron: Defender
of the Universe
World Events Productions
Developed by Ian Jones-Quartey
Rebecca Sugar
Voices of Ryan Potter
Lexi Medrano
Ian Jones-Quartey
Todd Haberkorn
Cherami Leigh
David Tennant
Mary Elizabeth

David Kaye
Composer(s) Aivi & Surasshu
Mint Potion Studios
Country of
United States
Ian Jones-Quartey
Rebecca Sugar
Ted Koplar
Bob Koplar
Chuck Austen
Producer(s) Jackie Buscarino
Nate Funaro

World Events
Distributor NBCUniversal
Original network Peacock
Preceded by Voltron: Legendary Defender

Voltron: Defender of the Future is an upcoming American animated television series, produced by DreamWorks Animation Television and World Events Productions. It is the sequel to Voltron: Legendary Defender but uses a slightly lighter tone, like the first series it will feature a mix of anime-influenced traditional animation for characters and background and CGI for Voltron action sequences.

It was originally scheduled to scream on Netflix but was later moved to Peacock.


Thirty-five years after the events of Legendary Defender, A new generation of paladins chosen by the five robots lion to form Voltron and battle a malevolent force from an alternate future, responible for the destruction of Vehicle Voltron and is bent on conquering both the universe and the future.

Cast & Characters


  • Ian Jones-Quartey - developer/writer/executive producer
  • Rebecca Sugar - developer/writer/executive producer
  • Aivi & Surasshu - music composer
  • Jake Kaufman (Mint Potion Studios) - music composer
  • Kristi Reed - casting and voice director
  • Mariko Yamashin - character designer
  • Eun-ju Jang - character desinger
  • Benjamin Kaltenecker - line producer
  • John O'Bryan - story editor


DWA and WEP announced that another Voltron series which was intended to be another variation but was later changed to a follow up to Legendary Defender that will feature characters from the original Vehicle Voltron as well as new characters, Dos Santos and Montgomery will return as consulting producers. Ian Jones-Quartey (OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes) and Rebecca Sugar (Steven Universe) were personally hired by DWA and WEP to develop/write/executive produce the series they've agreed to let the design style remain but the series will use a slightly lighter tone. Despite, these changes Tim Hedrick will return as one the writers along many others from Steven Universe, OK K.O. combined with some of the crew from Legendary Defender and Benjamin Kaltenecker as line producer. NE4U and Digital eMation in South Korea will replace Studio Mir for animation services. Jones-Quartey will voice Rocky, producer Nate Funaro confirmed that the series was later moved from Netflix to Peacock in addition, voice director Kristi Reed announced the shows' cast will consist of Ryan Potter as Jeff, Lexi Medrano as Cindã, a Latin version of Cinda, Jones-Quartey as Rocky, Todd Haberkorn as Wolo, Cherami Leigh as Princess Ginger, a half human/half Altean version of the character from 1984, David Tennant as Kavin, grandson of Coran, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Valeria, a half Galra/half Altean warlord from an alternate timeline and David Kaye as Maahox, a character from Voltron Force who was reinvented as an mysterious alchemist who is neither Galra or Altean, like the first series it will have a 78-episode commitment from Netflix but with an unspecified extended year run Instead of, a two year run.


A series of comedic shorts will stream weekly, they will be runned by Andy Suriano and Ant Ward.

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