"I am void."
―Melanie under the void's influence

A void is a noncorpeal shadowy supernatural monstrous manifestation that takes form of human beings. They can warp reality, use telekinetic powers and possess human beings.


Voids are shadow spirits who not only wreak havoc, but use their shadow manipulating, possessing, telekinetic and reality warping powers to attack their victims. They are like sirens, but without their hypnotic singing abilities.


A void's appearance looks like a shadowy transculent figure that looks like a ghostly spirit with claws. When they possess or mind control their human victims, their eyes are black but with no pupils or irises.

Powers and abilities

* = Common

  • Shapeshifting* - They can morph into many forms. For example, the voids can shapeshift into Anya, Tara, Jenny and Joyce to lure the Junior Scooby Gang into the school.
  • Reality warping*
  • Possession* - They can possess their victims' bodies. For example, the voids possess Melanie.
  • Umbrakinesis*
  • Telekinesis
  • Mind control/Hypnosis - They can manipulate victims' minds.
  • Voice manipulation - They can change their voices to not only different pitches and volumes, but mimicking/imitating their voices.


  • The First Evil - Both can shapeshift.
  • Sirens- They both have anything in common.


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