Voiceless of the Essence is an upcoming American computer-animated adventure comedy-drama film aired in the winter of 2026 created by K'Maya Smith and Braam Jordaan, this film is published by Sony Pictures Animation.


An orphaned wild nonverbal Lýkoseran boy must adventure his way through the adventures and must overcome the challenges he faces from the past.


The film begins in the European medieval-renaissance time of a huge war arising in the Lýkoseran village, the dragon attacks everyone in the village. A bassinet cradle with a sleeping infant in was strolling in the river with nothing bothering it. The bassinet landed in the jungle of the country, Sweden. Someone from the orphanage takes the baby to the orphanage, that's where the infant is raised.

Years later, the boy is named Elm and explores on his own. He is unable to speak, but communicates using sign language. There are animals in the jungle who can understand his language, without the use of his words. Miss Huckleberry, the director of Legacy Orphan Home, encourages Elm to become a hero and find courage.

Another day, there was a princess exploring ths forest and finds Elm in a cave sleeping by the presence of his gemstone glowing. She greets herself as Princess Sabrina from Qiffeocan, Elm is wanting to help her learn his language without using words sometimes.


Main Cast

  • Elm (voiced by Chella Man) - A nonverbal calm Lýkoseran wild orphan boy who was raised in an orphanage, he can't speak but communicates using sign language.
  • Princess Sabrina (voiced by G Hannelius) - A princess from the kingdom of Qiffeocan and is Elm's love interest, she tries to assist Elm of his needs. She is also a virtuoso by playing her violin.
  • Maëlys (voiced by Nicole Kidman) - A magical fairy and Elm's interpreter, she always follows Elm and assists him through the adventures.
  • Charlotte (voiced by Skai Jackson) - Princess Sabrina's best friend, she is good at inventions, alchemy, and magic.
  • Hailey and Lizzy (voiced by Alexandria DeBerry and Ciara Bravo) - Twin sisters and a friend of Princess Sabrina, they are both stylish and acrobatic girls.
  • Ingrid (voiced by Sophie Turner) - A warrior tomboy that likes to be athletic and trains with everyone, she is a friend of Princess Sabrina.
  • Levi (voiced by Asa Butterfield) - A compassionate and reserved cleric to heal and cure others, he is friends with Princess Sabrina.

Major Cast

  • Miss Huckleberry (voiced by Oprah Winfrey) - The director of Legacy Orphan Home, she is a nice old woman caring for the orphans and helping them out.
  • Jack (voiced by Josh Keaton) - Elm's childhood best friend and somewhat a daredevil doing some cool stunts.
  • Matteo (voiced by Elizabeth Daily) - Elm's goofy and silly friend best of doing pranks.
  • Faith (voiced by Allegra Clark) - One of Elm's friends who is always nice and respectful.
  • King Theobald (voiced by Kevin Spacey) - The king of Qiffeocan and the father of Princess Sabrina, showing strictness among the kingdom.
  • Queen Jacqueline (voiced by Tilda Swinton) - The queen of Qiffeocan and the mother of Princess Sabrina, portraying a kind-hearted and family-oriented persona.
  • Prince Josef (voiced by Nico Mirallegro) - The prince of Qiffeocan and the older brother of Princess Sabrina, finding pride of glory in his kingdom.
  • Benedict Cater (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) - The butler of Qiffeocan, always assisting Princess Sabrina doing tasks.
  • Madame Delacroix (voiced by Helena Bonham Carter) - The leader of the malicious evil organization group and wants to capture Elm to receive the gemstone on his chest.
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