Kimberly Jordan: What do all the Vocaloids say when they get insulted?

Hatsune Miku: You think I wanted this?

Rin Kagamine: None of it is true!

Megurine Luka: Tell me you're lying...

Gumi Megpoid: I didn't mean to...

MEIKO: I'm sorry I'm not perfect...

KAITO: I'm not that different...

Len Kagamine: Is that what you think of me?

Kamui Gakupo: Please... stop saying this...

Yuki Kaai: These words are mean...

Oliver: You don't like me?

Ryūto Gachapoid: Did I do something wrong?

SeeU: Please give me a chance...

Luo Tianyi: I don't do it on purpose!

Sweet Ann: It's not fair...

Prima: Why do you say this?

LOLA: It's not my fault!

Clara Sanchez: ¡Claro que no! (Of course not!)

Yuzuki Yukari: I'm not what you think!

SONiKA: This can't be happening!

Miriam: It's not like that...

Iroha Nekomura: Am I not unique?

VY1 Mizki: You don't get me at all!

Aoki Lapis: What's wrong with being different?!

MEW: Can't you overlook this?!

Tone Rion: I don't understand why you're doing this!

Lily: Are you serious?!

Mayu: I hope you're kidding.

Galaco: You're never happy about anything...

CUL: I'm not OK with this!

SF-A2 Miki: Stop judging me, please!

IA: It... can't be helped...

Piko Utatane: Why does this happen to me?

LEON: I'm sorry I don't please you...

Hiyama Kiyoteru: But I didn't want this...

Tonio: What am I being put through?

VY2 Yūma: Nothing is ever right.

Bruno Garcia: What do I have to do to please you?

Big Al: You complain so much...

Kimberly: And in the aftermath, some start to cry being consoled by the others until the ones who've never been hated come to them.

Sachiko: Oh, my...

Ruby: Who would've insulted them virtually?

MAIKA: I don't know, but I think we shall find out.

DAINA: Are there any more Vocaloid lovers to stand for Miku and so many of her old friends?

DEX: Beats me...

Anon: I'm glad I'm not insulted by anyone.

Kanon: Yep, I feel the same. And we both are so lucky together.

Cyber Diva: I've been once insulted by those who trolled amongst me, so I'm proving them wrong.

Rana: You said it, Ms. Cyva, I'm happy I've got those who flatter me all along.

Ling Yuezheng: My company's leader Tianyi always has innocent intentions, that's for sure.

Yan He: Yeah, no Vocaloid of Shanghai He Nian would like to be offended by such insulting words, especially profanity.

Sugar: Takes more sugary sweetness to beat what's sour...

Spicy: ...and a spark to ignite a cold heart with a flame.

Avanna: Well, shall we go ask them what's the matter with them? I think they all need some comfort.

Merli: Speaking of comfort, I know something to console my little sister.

YOHIOloid: That's what I've been wondering about. Let's go.

Yuu: I'm with ya, Hio-Kun!

Kyo: Me too.

Wil: Me three.

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