Hatsune Miku: Hi there, worldwide Earth lovers, I'm Miku Hatsune and that's my western name. I'm the only Japanese Vocaloid girl whose theme color is turquoise which is a lighter shade of teal. When I turned on the TV and I watched some channels that involve helping nature, I've had myself an intelligent idea how to keep this Earth clean-looking. The first step is to prepare yourself, that's what I like to do. And so does the master of the Great Crossover, if it counts.

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Circus-P - "EVERGREEN" Lyrics (Color Coded ENG)

Circus-P - "EVERGREEN" Lyrics (Color Coded ENG)

  • Anytime (by Kimberly Jordan) - sung by Miku
  • Dreamer (composed by AegisSan) - sung by Rin
  • Blossom (composed by Myriad) - sung by Ruby
  • Carrickfergus (traditional Irish) - sung by AVANNA
  • Landing (composed by Quasar-P) - sung by SONiKA
  • Timeless (composed by Vocasy) - sung by DAINA
  • Sympathy (composed by PIO) - sung by Cyber Diva
  • Reflexion (by Jrhabort Productions) - sung by Luka
  • Perspective (composed by Athena Z) - sung by Gumi
  • Evergreen (composed by Circus-P) - All females
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