Vito Anthony Mangano is a minor antagonist of The Loud House Movie. He is Bobby and Ronnie Anne's uncle and a Sicilian-American gangster.


Vito Mangano was born on January 13, 1972 in New York City. He is the son of low-level mobster Anthony Mangano (1939-1986), who is a soldier of the Gambino Crime Family. Vito is the direct descendant of Vincent Mangano (1888-1951), the former boss of what is now known as the Gambino Crime Family. This makes Vito related to Raphael, Sal, and Veronica Mangano. Vito grew up in New York City. After finishing high school in 1990, Vito joined the US Army to fight in the Gulf War, in which he was awarded a Medal of Honor and a Purple Heart. After being discharged from the Army in 1991, Vito attended Harvard University and graduated with a business degree in 1996. While studying at Harvard, he met Jimmy Scaritoni, who also happened to be a student there. Vito joined up with the Scaritoni Crime Family and moved to Great Lakes City, starting out as a hitman. Sometime in 1999, Vito became formally inducted into the family as a soldier after carrying out a contract killing on a journalist who wanted to expose the Scaritonis. Afterwards, Vito became a soldier under Joseph Anastasia’s crew. In 2004, he married Isabella Santiago, who happened to be a daughter of former FBI Agent Alejandro Santiago and the younger sister of Dr. Roberto Santiago. In 2012, Vito was promoted to caporegime and given his own crew. Shortly after becoming caporegime, Vito became a Construction Workers' union boss, overseeing the Scaritoni family's control over the construction business in Great Lakes City.


  • Vito Mangano is based on Vito Scaletta and Enzo Conti from the Mafia Series.
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