The Leader of the villains: Nega-Timmy

Villains: Giant Bucket of Acid World, Pumpkinator, Super Bike, Ms. Doombringer, Lyman Slime, Sweet Cheeks the Candy-Powered Clown, Mister Mime, Dagnino, The Nightmare King, Xemnas, Xehanort, The Darkness, Vortex of Doom, The Hacker, Mark Chang, Princess Mandie, Minutians, The Horned King, El Mago, Duke Igthorn, Lady Bane, Gargamel, The Greedy King, Vandals, Weasel McGreed, Arbutus, King Pector, Saleen, Azrael, Plugsy, Cutting-Edge Appliances (Computer, Entertainment Computer, Two-Faced Sewing Machine, Egg Beater, Boom Box, Toaster Oven, Telephone, Food Processor, Light Tree, Vacuum Cleaner), Judge Doom, Marv, Harry, Vera, Mutant Rangers, General Grevious, Darla Dimple, Live-Action Human Henchmen (Serial Killers, Wet Bandits, Arsonists, etc), The Wicked Witch of the West, Comets, Meteors, Asteroids, Black Holes, Fully-Extended Black Holes, Ganondorf, Tommy Turner (18-year-old teenager), Kahmunrah, Dr. Facilier, Sa'luk, Captain Hook, Pirates (King Neptune), Pirate Piggies, Stromboli, Sykes, Clayton, Sir Ruber, the Griffin, the Demons, Lokar, Harpies of Mount Pain, Dr. Claw, Lotso, Zurg, Randall Boggs, etc

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