Victorious Seasons-5-8 takes place after the end of season 4 and it is also after the show was cancelled, but in January 2015, it was announced that Ariana Grande has ended her feud with Victoria Justice, having them continue to be good friends. DanWarp on Twitter has announced that season 5 be aired on March 2015. It will continue to plot of Victorious, making it the same as it was before, however the show will have Teenage-related plots, as they are high school seniors.


A year after Tori Vega's crazy junior year with her friends of the cast of Robbie Shapiro, Trina Vega, Cat Valentine, Beck Oliver, Jade West, and Andre Harris, they come back to school as seniors and it has been never been the same before. With an enthusiastic and fun girl, Lexis Olsen, joining the gang of friends, they run into more trouble and go on exciting rides in Hollywood Arts, even in the beautiful city of Los Angeles.

Relationship Fan Pairs

  • Cabbie- Cat Valentine and Robbie Shapiro (actually does happen in the show; they start dating in season 6)
  • Bade- Beck Oliver and Jade West (does happen in the show)
  • Bat- Cat Valentine and Beck Oliver
  • Rori- Tori Vega and Robbie Shapiro
  • Bori- Tori Vega and Beck Oliver (the most popular one in the show and happens in one episode in season 8)
  • Tandre- Andre Harris and Tori Vega
  • Bexis- Lexis Olsen and Beck Oliver (the second most popular one in the show, but never happens due to their differences in personality)
  • Landre- Andre Harris and Lexis Olsen (there are many hints they like each other and they end up kissing in one episode of Season 8)

Seasons' Lengths

Season 5 has 13 episodes, it will Premiere on December 12 2019 Lunch Bunch, Victori-Christmas Part 1, and Victori-Christmas Part 2

Season 6 Has 18 Episodes And Will Contain The Season finale called Victori-Talent. and will premire on Febuary 13 2020

Season 7 Will contain 20 episodes and will have a super finale called victori_-dumped. will premere on October 27 2021

Season 8, the sad ending of the epic and fun journey, has 20 episodes, with one "special" and long episode, which is the last one, called Victori- Says Goodbye That will well season 8 ep 1 will premiere on September 5 2022

Cast and Characters

Main Cast

  • Tori Vega (Victoria Justice)
  • Andre Harris (Leon Thomas III)
  • Beck Oliver (Avan Jogia)
  • Robbie Shapiro (Matthew Bennett)
  • Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande)
  • Lexis Olsen (Elise Gatien)
  • Jade West (Elizabeth Gillies)
  • Trina Vega (Daniella Monet)
  • Rex Powers (Jake Farrow)

Recurring Cast

  • Sinjin Van Cleef (Michael Eric Reid)
  • Mr. Erin Sikowitz (Eric Lange)
  • Lane Alexander (Lane Napper)
  • Burf (Darsan Solomon)
  • David Vega (Jim Pirri)
  • Holly Vega (Jennifer Carta)
  • Charlotte Harris (Marylin Harris)
  • Mrs. Lee (Susan Chuang)
  • Yakim West (Ben Kingsley)
  • Sam Puckett (Jennette Mccurdy)
  • Nona Valentine (Maree Cheatham)
  • Festus (Marco Aiello)
  • Mrs. Moore (Holly Hunter)


  1. The show will be take place not only in Hollywood, but there will be some episodes that take place in the rest of Los Angeles, so they can expand the environment and make it more fun for the audiences.
  2. Sikowitz will play a better role in seasons 5-8.
  3. Jade breaks up with Beck in season 6 for the third time in all of the seasons during the show.
  4. Lexis Olsen will be the new member of Tori's gang of friends; she is very fun, outgoing, and random like Cat, possessing certain skills like her too like singing beautifully and acting beautifully. She is a part of Mr. Sikowitz' class.
  5. All the characters will look different since the show was cancelled in 2012 and started in 2015. Cat dyed her hair brown again being the natural color, Robbie looks more masculine, Beck has a mustache, Jade still looks the same, Trina still looks the same, Rex (Robbie's alter ego) still looks the same, and Andre has a hipster haircut.
  6. Season 8 is very emotional since it is the last season and all of the gang members farewell each other before going into college...
  7. New recurring characters such like Sam Puckett (from iCarly and Sam And Cat), Nona Valentine, and Yakim West will be in the show.
  8. Sinjin is the most important character in the recurring cast section.
  9. The long episodes that are "special" between 45 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  10. Trey Dirty is another version of Trey Songz.
  11. Cat sings "Problem" from Ariana Grande, which is odd because Grande plays Cat Valentine. Tori sings in that song which is Iggy Azalea's verse!
  12. Jade loses her "mean" and "goth" vibe as the show progresses.

Season 5 Episodes List

  • Back In Action

Story: A year after every friendly moment that happened in their junior year in Hollywood Arts, Tori Vega reunites with Andre Harris, Jade West, Beck Oliver, Robbie Shapiro, and Cat Valentine as she also meets Lexis Olsen, a fun and outgoing girl just like Cat. They continue to go to Improv Class in Mr. Sikowitz's room, where he gives them a challenge to get to know Lexis Olsen a little more.

Air Date: March 16th, 2015

Opening Scene: Tori is in her house in Hollywood Hills, where she packs her backpack, talking to her annoying sister, Trina, who has got held back a year in Hollywood Arts because of the lack of talent. Trina tells Tori to hurry up and they eat breakfast, leaving for school, having Tori meet Andre, Beck, and Robbie outside and they go to Sikowitz' room.

Ending Scene: After Jade made fun of Lexis Olsen by pouring juice on her bra, she apologizes to her and Tori Vega hugs Lexis. Lexis is invited to a party that Cat is throwing at her house and she becomes part of the gang! They later learn Lexis's talents include of mimicking her friends, acting to the broadest, and playing the violin. Cat ends by annoying the gang; "I can't wait for Tori, Andre, and Beck to meet my roommate." Jade says, "Oh yeah, Sam... I love her." "Sam Pukle." "I thought it was Puckett." Cat laughs it off.

  • Flip The Cards

Story: Cat asks Robbie a favor for taking care of the elders at Elderly Acres, including her grandma, Nona. Robbie realizes that him, Tori, Beck, and Jade still need community service hours in order to graduate at the end of June. Trouble runs through when they set up an illegal card game and they land in court, having Sikowitz be on their backs. Meanwhile, Andre and Lexis has been recently working on music together, since Tori is busy with helping Nona Valentine. Lexis and Andre head to Downtown Los Angeles to pick up any hints and notes for a new song for the school event, "Party Jammer".

Air Date: March 23rd, 2015

Opening Scene: Cat squeaks her bike that has a pony on it. She sees Robbie eating lunch and sits by him. They have an awkward situation when Cat asks Robbie to meet Nona again to help Elderly Acres for community service hours. Tori and Andre come by to sit by them and Sinjin reminds Tori that she has another year and that Sinjin will soon teach her how to do theater for shop credits.

Ending Scene: Sikowitz has finally saved Tori, Robbie, Beck, Jade, and Cat from the sentence and they go back to Elderly Acres, where Cat apologizes to her Nona. Nona forgives her and Andre and Lexis randomly comes biking into Elderly Acres after having coffee spilled on them by a hobo.

  • Dinner At Sikowitz

Story: Mr. Sikowitz teaches his class about Connection Acting, where the character connects with the real person who is acting. He invites Tori, Lexis, Robbie, Rex, Andre, Jade, Trina, Beck, and Cat to his house for a small dinner to connect with each other. It is their challenge. Will they do it right? Meanwhile, David and Holly Vega, who are Tori's parents, are watching random movies and they are having funny arguments over if they should watch Sci-Fi or romance.

Air Date: March 30th, 2015

Opening Scene: Trina is in the bathroom, starting off with her singing "Beggin' On Your Knees" as Tori comes in and she insults her sister by saying that her singing is not getting any better. Trina tells Tori that she will be ready to drive her to school in 20 more minutes. Trina asks Tori to blow-dry her hair, while she continues to sing in the mirror annoyingly.

Ending Scene: Tori and Trina come home, covered in spaghetti Alfredo sauce with gravy on their hairs. Holly cleans off their messy looks and they explain that Sikowitz took it too far and spilled food everywhere while acting out their Connection Acting, whereas Beck took Jade home, Robbie drove Cat home in his 1970's style car, and Andre walked home, while Lexis fell unconscious in Mr. Sikowitz' living room.

  • Andre Goes Bronze

Story: Andre has been watched over by music producers who work for Lady Gaga and she asks him to help her write a new song called, "Blued Coasts", since he is the most talented musician in Hollywood Arts. Tori becomes jealous so she comes along with Andre to the producing stages. Meanwhile, Cat and Lexis continue to get to know each other better since they are both outgoing and random, but Lane counsels them into his office after they injured Sinjin and Burf while battling each other with their voices and singing. Lane tells them to sell cookies in separate stands and whoever can make the most "cute" sounds and earn more than $100 first, then they get an A for the whole semester in all their classes.

Air Date: April 7th, 2015

Opening Scene: Tori and Cat walks into Andre in the hallways of school and they become shocked because Andre is dressed as if he was a "hipster" and he has chains and a pair of fresh Air Jordans. Tori asks him why he is dressing like this and Andre reveals that movie producers who work for Lady Gaga have been sighting his musical talents in Hollywood Arts. Tori and Cat stand in shock, as Andre is crowded around other students.

Ending Scene: After Andre was fired from Lady Gaga because Tori messed up their productions, Andre is still mad at Tori, but Tori apologizes badly for blowing off his dream to work with Lady Gaga. Andre and Tori hug, as Beck and Jade break into their moment. Lady Gaga does not let Tori in, but hires Andre for finish writing "Blued Coasts", which he has been meaning to give out the song about a girl's dream in a beautiful, big city. He sings it at a Malibu Beach Club, inviting Beck, Jade, Tori, and Robbie to the concert. It ends with all the cookies gone from Lexis's and Cat's plate. They both throw up as Sam Puckett picks up Cat in her motorcycle and Lexis whimpers, "Cool... motorcycle, dude."

  • Packing The Beating

Story: Sam visits Hollywood Arts when Cat invites her over for "Guest Coming Day". Sam tells Sikowitz' Improv class, which is the whole gang (except Lexis, Rex, and Andre are not there), that there is a big seafood market near downtown. Sam says she needs to do a stunt act there by tossing around raw fish bodies to make $50 an hour for 6 hours. Tori, Robbie, Jade, and Cat join Sam as they toss raw fish bodies to the coworkers for "easy cash". Meanwhile, Andre interns at a job at PearPad Express. He tries to find the best mall in Hollywood/Los Angeles to work in a PearPad Express store.

Air Date: April 14th, 2015

Opening Scene: Sam walks into Cat's school as she is walking slowly because she revealed she did a crazy dance she learned online the other night when Cat was sleeping. Robbie asks Sam if she wants thigh cream and Sam says, "Walk away, Robbie, please." Sam meets Sikowitz once more and sits down in their class.

Ending Scene: Sam has accidentally threw a fish at Jade's chest, when Cat picks her up. Tori says, "Wow. I never knew Jade could ever get down." Sam gives CPR to Jade and Jade breathes again, when the fish workers in the Seafood Market exclude Sam from that part of the town and the gang goes home.

  • Extrovert Skydiving

Story: Sikowitz tells his class and continues to teach them about Connection Acting, while then he tells Tori that Sikowitz was discussing a plan with a movie producer named Sean Ed. He wants Tori, Andre, Cat, Robbie, Jade, Beck, and Lexis to be a part of the movie. After meeting Sean Ed in Hollywood Studios, Ed is revealed to be a very crazy and challenging guy to pass. Sean challenges Tori and her gang to go on an excellent skydiving in one of the jets in order to be a part of Fall Season's film, Hunter And The Hunted. The skydiving will also be a part of the movie and each of the gang will play a major character. Will the gang be up to the challenge?

Air Date: April 21st, 2015

Opening Scene: Tori is still sleeping in her bedroom in Hollywood Hills. It goes into a montage of all the gang members in their bedrooms having a heart attack when Sikowitz calls them and tells them to go to school right now, even though it is only 5:30 AM and school doesn't start until 9:30 AM. Beck calls Jade and Jade asks, "What the HAMBONES does Sikowitz need?" "Jade, why are you saying that? You sound like Sikowitz." This hints that Jade has been hanging out with Sikowitz too much.

Ending Scene: All of the gang members have passed the dangerous and harmful skydiving test, except for Lexis and Cat since they are afraid of heights. Tori measures their fall from the urban deserts in Los Angeles, while the movie directors and producers are there. Andre, Beck, and Robbie yell, "Go Cat! Go Lexis!" in a pattern. Cat and Lexis hold hands to jump down, but they still don't jump down. The pilot pushes the both of them down, while they scream and Cat yells, "This is not bad at all!" "I can't feel my stomach!" They land on the deserts with their parachutes and all of them hug.

  • Day At The Newport

Story: It is over 150 degrees in Hollywood. The kids are almost dying and they cannot take the heat wave that will last for over a week. Robbie finds out that Venice Beach and all the other beaches are even hotter than Hollywood and Los Angeles Downtown is 102 degrees. Andre, while being in another situation with his annoying grandmother, tells Tori, Cat, Robbie, Rex, Lexis, Jade, and Beck about Newport Beach in Los Angeles where it is only 91 degrees. They go to the beach, packing their supplies for Saturday and renting a beach house for the day in the hot sun. The gang runs into trouble when a huge wave comes into the beach and they must avoid it, coming into many dangerous obstacles like getting extremely wet.

Air Date: April 28th, 2015

Opening Scene: Tori is forced, in a minor way, to ride her bike to school because Trina just got butt surgery and she cannot go to Hollywood Arts for about a week. Tori looks outside the window and her mom explains to her that it is over 150 degrees outside. Tori groans and she says, "This is bad. I'm going to have to ride my bike to school." "Well maybe you should just get a driver's license like a normal high school senior". Tori feels embarrassed, getting out of the door and Lexis is there because Lexis also lives in Hollywood Hills only about 3 blocks away from Tori. Lexis offers Tori a ride in her sports car.

Ending Scene: Cat has been "sanded" by the wet sand when a humongous water wave came swirling at her. Luckily, because she didn't know how to swim correctly, Robbie saved her and gave her CPR, eventually kissing her. The whole gang went, "OOOHHH." Cat got back up and she and Robbie shared a romantic moment, but then Cat screamed and acted childish and went on her bike and drove back home. Andre taps Rob on the shoulder and tells him he did a good job.

  • Nozu VS Ashoka's Beef

Story: In Nozu, Mrs. Lee, the manager of the place and the one who hates Tori after what she did in Wok Star episode in season 1, continues to run a good job in her business. Mrs. Lee, forgiving Tori slightly for "hanging her daughter on the roof", offers Tori, Lexis, and Beck a job at Nozu. But a new restaurant opened up next to Nozu in the construction area named, Ashoka's Beef, which is a Japanese diner with amazing noodles and more expensive food. It's manager, Mrs. Moore, comes into a competition with Mrs. Lee. Tori, Andre, Beck, Jade, and Lexis go to Ashoka's Beef and they like the beef there a lot. Tori gets along with Moore because she is more respectful than Mrs. Lee. But feeling sympathy of her, Tori helps Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Moore to see who can win. Tori, Lexis, and Andre side with Mrs. Lee, while Beck and Jade side with Mrs. Moore. Who will win? Elsewhere, Robbie sees a hobo on the streets while hanging out with Cat at night. His name is Fred and they ask Robbie and Cat for money and food. They blindly accept that, but the hobo begins to steal into their backpacks.

Air Date: May 4th, 2015

Opening Scene: Tori, Lexis, and Beck are at Nozu eating sushi after school. They are talking about where sushi's come from and they begin to start arguing over it. Mrs. Lee comes to their table and apologizes to Tori for holding a grudge against her. She sits down next to the three and talks about the sushi. They see a child running into Nozu being chased by a clown and the clown yells, "Come on, kid! It's not my fault your mama got spanked!"

Ending Scene: Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Moore have seen a lot and their customers are at the same rate of percentage in all of Hollywood. They've both been getting good reviews online. Mrs. Lee thanks Tori and forgives her forever and she starts to like Tori. Also, Cat and Robbie are in a floating air-bag in the air after waking up being "gased" by the hobo. Cat and Robbie help, but they learn they are in a stadium. Robbie holds Cat's hand and she says, "(laughs) Robbie you're gross."

  • Lost In Hollywood

Story: In a special and long episode of Victorious, it is a week break in Hollywood Arts due to the major delay in the hot weather. In a conversation between Tori and Beck, Beck encourages Tori to take the chance in break to go to Hollywood in the sidewalks, where the names of celebrities are printed. Trina, stalking Robbie talking to Andre about Trey Dirty and Ke$ha being in the Hollywood sidewalks to be there for auditions in a music video featuring the two called, "Losing Myself". They are looking for backup singers, dancers, and one more singer for the music video. Robbie tells Tori and Cat to audition since they are the greatest singers. Beck wants to be one of the dancers and Andre and Lexis are looking to audition for the backup singers (Jade is not featured because she is on vacation with her uncle, Yakim West). Robbie just needs to be there for encouraging them. They drive there, when Trina sneaks in their car, begging them to be in the music video as one of the MAIN singers like Tori and Cat. When they arrive, they meet Trey Dirty and Ke$ha, but in a big mall, they get lost. As they are in the mall, they hear on the announcements that Ke$ha and Trey Dirty have picked backup players already. They are only holding auditions for ONE singer. Who will be the most talented?

Air Date: May 11th, 2015

Opening Scene: Yakim West, Jade's uncle, comes to Hollywood Arts, where Tori has no shirt on and only a bra and panties, while the rest of the gang are sitting at the lunch table, being extremely hot due to the temperature, to tell the gang that Jade will not be at school for a week because she heard news from Lane that there is a major delay for a week due to the sun wave. Jade is going on a vacation with her uncle to San Jose, California to visit relatives.

Ending Scene: Sinjin is in Hollywood, taking a picture with a man dressed a rebel from the Rebel Wars in Star Wars. He sights Tori's gang fighting over how Trina got the part because she voiced-sung and faked her talent. Sinjin reminds them they are friends and they should just accept that others get the job and stop fighting because they should be happy for one another. Sinjin taught them "a great lesson especially from a guy like him" as Robbie said. The gang accepts each other and apologizes. Ke$ha and Trey Dirty get in trouble and are kicked out of Hollywood Walk Of Fame because of being rude to other people. Cat and Tori are hired for a song by the directors. Cat has worked on a song for over 5 months called "Problem". Tori can sing the other part. Cat sings on the stages and everyone loves it. The studios says she has an amazing voice and Cat says she may be famous after they graduate high school in several months! Tori reminds her they still have a long way...

  • Tori's First Class Hero

Story: Tori, after a good 2 weeks of school in the start of September and as school started in late August, has been watching a TV show recently that she has continued to follow. It released in 2010, so the show went long. Jade shares that common interest with her as their favorite TV show. It is called "First Class Hero" about a man named Jamie who faces a threat-dose of life in college when he learns he is not from Earth. And he crushes on girl named, Alex, who he obsesses over. One day, during in AP English class, Jade comes into the classroom with a temper tantrum and tells Tori that the show is cancelled due to casting problems and a fight between the director and the actor who plays Jamie. Tori and Jade work on sneaking into the studios where they product the show and "blackmail" the director and the actor who plays Jamie to continue to show. Elsewhere, Lexis and Trina meet, when they do not get along at all because Trina has not changed; she is still selfish and self-absorbing. Lexis and Trina are challenged by Andre, who tests them to go a week without Trina insulting Lexis. While this is happening, Beck and Robbie go to the Karaoke Club and they sing, but Beck gets a challenge when a teenager just his age also gets hit on girls from Northridge and is very good-looking. With the help of Robbie, Beck embraces his inner-self and challenges the guy two days in a row.

Air Date: May 18th, 2015

Opening Scene: Tori wakes up and is ready for school. Holly has already set up breakfast for her and Trina, having Tori say she can make it herself, but Holly goes on to say, "No you're not, honey". Tori sees Trina screaming singing and the sisters trade insults. Trina and Tori get into a comedic fight and Trina says she is driving to school herself. Jade arrives at her door, making an excuse to be there. Jade sits down and immediately get along with Tori when she turns on First Class Hero, a drama and sci-fi show.

Ending Scene: Tori and Jade are held by security guards. Jamie tells them that he cannot continue to show because of a conflict between him and the director. Tori begins crying, while Jade says, "Get up, Toro. Get up." But a new show has been announced called, The Second Class Hero, which is another version of the original. Tori slightly calms down. Later, Beck is in a car with Robbie driving home after he beat the guy in the Karaoke Club and a pack of Northridge girls are in his truck trunk and they ask for his autograph. They also torment Robbie, while Beck says, "There's nothing like home".

  • Robbie Finally Pedals

Story: Rex has accidentally revealed to Tori, Jade, Andre, Beck, and Lexis that Robbie cannot ride a bike. Robbie is embarrassed by this because he is the only one in Hollywood Arts that is a senior that does not even know how to work a bike or ride it. Tired of being teased at for this, Tori trains him to ride a bike, posting it on TheSlap so that everyone can see him ride a bike. Robbie fails, getting teased at even more, but Tori trains him more and more, having them pull all-nighters and being tired when going to school in the morning and instead sleeping in the afternoon. Elsewhere, Lexis and Jade get addicted to a new restaurant named, "Three Guys' Burgers", having Andre and Beck being pulled into it.

Air Date: June 1st, 2015

Opening Scene: Sikowitz is teaching his Improv class about "Method Acting" and tells Lexis and Beck to get up to the stage and contentiously interrupts their scene about a married couple freaking out about rabbits in their house. Cat, Tori, Robbie, Rex, Jade, Andre, Lexis, and Beck are all confused, as this lesson was taught by Sikowitz in Season 1, during their Sophomore year. Sikowitz hysterically laughs like a maniac, remembering when he taught the class about Method Acting at his house. Tori remembers Jade being burned in the hand by Sikowitz's stove and Jade yells, "Vega, who *mocks Tori's talking* and has two thumbs?" She insults Tori and Sikowitz laughs.

Ending Scene: Andre and Beck have both locked Jade and Lexis alike in a room in Hollywood Arts to restrain them from going to Three Guys' and eating burgers. Cat comes and laughs, seeing Jade and Lexis beg to have Andre and Beck let them out. Andre and Beck agree to let Lexis and Jade out, having Cat let all four of them try a new snack she purchased at a candy shop her Nona's friend works at. They all try that and Cat asks where they want to go for lunch. They are all really hyped up and Beck convinces the five of them to go to Karaoke Dokie to eat burgers, then going to the candy shop to buy more candy.

  • Three Guys & a Makeover

Story: After Cat sings her song, "The Way" to prepare to be a pop star after senior graduation, Robbie immediately has more feelings for her than he ever did. Beck and Andre try to go through many stages and steps to give Robbie a complete makeover; trying to make him more masculine, convincing him to stop with the corny jokes, and making him less "Robbie". Meanwhile, Tori and Trina both find out about a Basketball game at Northridge, in which they later find out they will have the chance to win up to $10,000 by playing monopoly. Jade, Cat, and Lexis find out and the girls try to win the monopoly at the Basketball game.

Air Date: June 8th, 2015

Opening Scene: In the beautiful sunshine in Los Angeles, Robbie, Andre, Beck, Jade, and Lexis are sitting and eating at the cafeteria, watching Cat on the stage, singing "The Way", getting ready for her pop star status right after high school. As Beck, Lexis, Andre, and Jade all admire Cat's singing talent, they notice that Robbie is lost with words and just staring at Cat's singing with pure love. The gang, especially Beck, make fun of Robbie for crushing over Cat when they have known each other since Freshman year. Robbie admits that he will never earn her love. Andre feels bad for Robbie and convinces Robbie that Robbie should get a makeover to win Cat's trust. Beck listens in and agrees to Andre's offer, planning to "man-up" Robbie and giving him a different physical appearance.

Ending Scene: After Tori, Jade, Lexis, Cat, and Trina all find out the monopoly was a scam to try to steal their money, the gang mocks Northridge for their pathetic schemes. Cat says she needs to go to Hollywood Arts to help set up for the Semester Jam coming up the next week. Jade drives Tori, Trina, Lexis, and Cat there, in which they see Robbie, Andre, and Beck there, with Robbie having his Afro more raised up, looking like a hipster and giving him new glasses. Even Tori and Lexis are attracted by Robbie's new look, but Jade asks Robbie why he actually changed the way he looks. Cat comes up to Robbie and confesses that even with this new look, Cat confesses that she loves Robbie and admires him. Robbie tells Cat, ever since Freshman year, Robbie had loved Cat and never knew she would even consider dating Robbie. Cat smiles and the two share a kiss, as Tori, Andre, Trina, Jade, Beck, and Lexis all clap and they hugs, due to Cat and Robbie's newfound relationship with each other...

  • Hollywood Jam Out

Story: The gang of teenagers must be prepared for the Semester Jam Out, which marks the first school dance and singing event ever since their Senior year began and one of many as well. After Cat and Robbie claimed a relationship with each other, the whole episode revolves around the gang trying to find out what they should do for the Semester Jam Out; Jade wants to do a solo, but Tori and Cat offer to sing with her and the whole episode; Tori and Cat try to convince Jade. Robbie wants to play the guitar, after Beck and Andre taught him to play it in the previous episode, in order to "impress" Cat. Lexis and Andre are looking to do a duet for a contract for Trey Dirty, having Trina try to convince them to have her on the stage for Trey Dirty. And Beck is just being taught by Sinjin, as well as Robbie to teach him about special effects, so he can run it at the Semester Jam Out.

Air Date: June 22nd, 2015

Opening Scene: Cat, Beck, Tori, Sinjin, Burf, and Andre have finally finished the stage and the decorations for the Semester Jam Out and sees the sign and Tori is confused why they did not mash the words "Jam" and "Out" together to make it look cooler. She asks this to Principal Helen and Helen thumps her on the head, telling her not to sass her. Jade laughs at Tori, so does Sikowitz. Sam is seen driving over in her motorcycle and giving Cat her purse, which fell out after she rode her bike to school. Beck and Jade thought Cat did not have to ride her bike to school anymore, since Robbie has a car and that they are in a relationship. Robbie comes up with a crashed car and yells out of the parking lot, "I'm sorry!" He gets a stick thrown at his face and Cat comes over the help.

Ending Scene: Controversy rises over Tori, Jade, and Cat since Jade is not willing to let Tori and Cat. Trey Dirty comes up to the stage, surrounded by Trina and other teenagers dying over his fame, telling them to come up with something for the Jam Out or else he is leaving. As they think, Tori convinces the gang to do a Rap/Hip Hop mix of a battle between the girls (Tori, Cat, Jade, and Lexis) and the boys (Andre, Beck, and Robbie). The seven of them rap it out and Cat and Robbie even kiss each other then. After the epic rap battle, the gang waits for Trey Dirty's approval and he replies with, "I love it, guys". The gang cheers, as Trey Dirty will be considering this rap battle to put on his record label and may be a benefit for Cat and Tori in the future, since the two of them want to pursue pop star careers.

Season 6 Episodes List

  • Uptown In Downtown

Story: In the month of November, Thanksgiving is coming by soon and Hollywood Arts needs to fundraise for the Turkey Drive, as well as a Thanksgiving dinner for all the seniors at Hollywood Arts. Since it is only the beginning of November, Beck, Jade, and Lexis go up to Downtown Los Angeles, by Pershing Square Park, where they have to run a fundraiser and try to convince people to donate to Hollywood Arts and must overcome trying to come up with smart moves and tactics to help people understand their fundraiser, using Lexis's creative mind to help them. Meanwhile, Tori, Robbie, Cat, and Andre all decide to go up to the mall, when Trina tells them that the new PearFloat is being released, a laptop that is touchscreen and can hover. Since Andre works at PearPad Express, he tries to get the five of them in, only to end in a outrage of civilians and long lines, which they must overcome, hilariously.

Air Date: November 5th, 2015

Opening Scene: Tori, Jade, Beck, Robbie, Cat, and Andre are sitting at the lunch table, eating and discussing over how to milk cows. Andre explains that cow milking is a very popular trend in Washington and Oregon, but not California since it is a "hot sauna with chicks who can sing", referring to Tori, who smirks. Lexis walks over to them in a turkey outfit and throws small papers at the six of them, telling them Thanksgiving is nearby. The gang laughs at her and Robbie takes a picture for TheSlap and Tori asks why Lexis is dressed like that. Lexis says, "Long story short; I lost a bet with Sikowitz". Jade tells Lexis she looks ridiculous and Lexis agrees. Lexis then goes on to explain that, since Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, the school is running a Thanksgiving dinner at Helen's house for all the seniors. The gang agrees that will be fun, since Helen lives all the way at the Hollywood Hills. Beck offers Lexis a ride for the weekend to Pershing Square Park in downtown, so that Beck and her can run the fundraiser under the request of Helen. Jade gets mad at Beck for helping Lexis and Lexis asks Jade to come along. After many pleads, Jade finally agrees to come help Beck and Lexis.

Ending Scene: Trina drives all of Tori, Andre, Cat, and Robbie back to Tori's house after finding out that there were coincidentally five more PearFloats for them all and they all go on Tori's card table to set it up. They all set it up, seeing the PearFloat can hover and has a cool new touchscreen. The five of them are all amazed and Tori's parents come home, teasing the five for obsessing over it. Lexis knocks at Tori's door and Tori asks her how the fundraiser with Jade and Beck went. Lexis tells the gang they made over $5,000. Tori hugs Lexis and Lexis comes over to try the new PearFloat. Tori convinces Lexis to go to the mall to buy one, but Cat reminds them that PearPad Express already ran out. Tori moans and Lexis says it is alright, since she earned the eight of them, including all the seniors, a dinner at Helen's house that Thanksgiving!

  • The Lunch Bunch

Story: After getting in trouble yet again because of running late to class, due to Sinjin holding them up, Tori, Lexis, Beck, Andre, Cat, Jade, and Robbie are forced to spend time on a beautiful Saturday in the outdoors of Hollywood Arts and clean Festus's kitchen, as well as scrap gum off the tables, as well as clean up the whole campus. When Trina brings them burgers from Three Guys', the gang all shares their deepest secrets and regrets in life, especially Lexis and Jade, who find out their personal lives are very connected, therefore bringing them closer than ever.

Air Date: November 12th, 2015

Opening Scene: As special credits and Tori's song, "Here's 2 Us" comes playing, the gang are all at their individual lockers and they come together at Tori's locker. Jade blames Tori for it, but Tori points out that Sinjin is the one who held them up because of his grandma punching his teeth. Lexis tells Jade not to blame everything on Tori and they get into a small argument. As they are puzzled at what they are supposed to be doing at the moment, Robbie says they need to scrap gum off the tables and clean Festus's kitchen, as well as the whole campus. The gang all moan and Andre remarks, "This is not how I want to spend my Saturday. I was planning on going up to Anaheim to do community service hours at Disneyland with my brother and his girlfriend". Cat then replies, "One time, my brother volunteered at Disneyland, but then he got kicked out". The gang painfully asks Cat why he got kicked out and she said that he was standing in front of the roller coasters. The gang then proceeds to go to the cafeteria.

Ending Scene: After Tori's amazing "Here's 2 Us" song, admiring the seven of them as a group of friends, Jade jokes that they are not going to include Trina in the gang. Beck reminds everyone that Trina is really only there to annoy the gang and only there during big sales at stores or if they are doing something related to Hollywood. After the song, Robbie and Andre cry. They all finally get the guts to share what they want to be after graduation; Tori wants to be a pop star, so does Cat, Andre wants to be a songwriter and music composer, Jade wants to be a singer, Beck wants to run a Automotive Dealing Business, Lexis wants to be a Hip Hop/Pop Star artist, and Robbie confesses that he wants to run a restaurant business in Downtown. The seven of them all seem proud of each other and realize that none of them are probably going to attend college.

  • Trouble With Beck

Story: When Tori and Andre find Beck coming to school ripped up and looking awful, Tori and Andre find out that Beck has reunited with one of his Canadian friends from elementary. Beck reminds Tori and Andre of his feud with Buck, the "friend", and that Buck is angry at Beck for stealing everything from Buck; his good grades and his girlfriend from back in the day. As Tori and Andre try to find out Buck's weaknesses, Beck chips in to help and tries to convince his friend that he never meant for any of it. Meanwhile, after the first date between Cat and Robbie at a noodle place Downtown, Cat applies there for a job to save funds for her very own car, so that she can save Robbie gas money and so that she will no longer have to use her bike as transportation. With the job, a license is required and Robbie, Jade, and Lexis help Cat pass the driver's test.

Air Date: November 19th, 2015

Opening Scene: At school, Tori and Andre are walking and talking in the hallways, as Tori turns around and sees that Beck came to school with streets clothes and being bruised in the face. A look of concern and worry comes out of Tori and Andre asks Beck what happened to him. Beck makes up excuses that he was attacked by a bear, as Tori claims is false, since he drives a car. As Beck makes laughable excuses, Tori and Andre follow him to Improv Class, which Beck sits down, with his girlfriend concerned, as well as Lexis, Cat, and Robbie. During class, Sikowitz is the group about looking the part when acting a scene, not just acting it, but being consumed by the character that they are playing; being committed to it. Beck falls asleep and after class is dismissed, Tori and Andre decide to ask Beck, alone at lunch, since Cat, Robbie, Jade, and Lexis are all going to Ashoka's Beef for lunch.

Ending Scene: Cat is worried that she did not pass her driver's test, while Robbie, Sam Puckett, Jade, and Lexis try to calm her down. Cat is visited by Lane, who offers her driver's license to her. Pure joy comes out of Cat and she celebrates, now that she can drive, kissing Robbie in the process and hugging Sam. Meanwhile, Tori and Andre go over to Beck's RV to see him making amends with Buck. They have settled everything and Buck makes fun of his RV and decides to "flee the country" and never come back. Beck is proud of this offer and tells Buck to never appear again. Beck seems down, so Andre makes an amazing offer to go for some frozen yogurt.

  • Senior Thanksgiving

Story: After Beck, Jade, and Lexis's successful fundraiser in Pershing Square Park weeks ago, Helen announces that the seniors will meet at her house for the Thanksgiving dinner after school on Wednesday, the day before the actual Thanksgiving dinner. As Tori, Trina, Beck, Jade, Cat, Lexis, Robbie, and Andre all go up to the Hollywood Hills for Helen's dinner plan, they find out more about Helen's very judging personality. She gives more strict policies for graduation at Hollywood Arts, like a big show the seven (excluding Trina because of her horrible singing) need to perform at the end of the year as one more graduation requirement. After the dinner, Cat has trouble working her new car and Beck helps her out by helping her fixing the auto.

Air Date: November 26th, 2015

Opening Scene: Tori, Lexis, Robbie, and Beck are playing cards at Tori's house at night and as they play cards, the whole gang have a conversation about Beck's fundraiser at the Pershing Square weeks ago; they discuss Helen's dinner plans and Cat and Jade come over, with Cat's pink car, which she honks, scaring Tori's father, who is taking a bath.

Ending Scene: Helen goes to Tori, Lexis, Beck, Jade, Robbie, Cat, and Andre to apologize to them, with Jade making fun of Helen since she never apologizes and starts having a hilarious argument with her. Helen sings her song, as all the students, including the seven, in the hallway cheer. Jade remarks that Helen is "scary", having Tori be surprised since Jade is scary herself. Helen goes on to apologize that the singing requirement at the end of the year will be optional and that if one of them does it, they will be given either a college scholarship at one of the schools in the state of California or she will contact any famous artists of their choice to consider a record label. Cat gets excited and tells Helen she might be considering it, as well as Tori.

  • Used For Benefit

Story: Lexis enters the singing class that both Andre and Tori attend, having her be excited and Andre looking forward to working for her all year. Their new project must include making a song and as Andre and Tori work together on a song, Lexis decides she has the guts to sing on her own for project and the three go to Tori's house to work on their projects and when it is Lexis's turn, Andre begins flirting with Lexis because of her beautiful voice. As Tori tries to remind him of how Andre used to crush on Jade because of her talent (in Season 2), Andre tries to get Lexis's attention. Meanwhile, Jade and Beck go out to the movies only to find themselves stuck due to minor turbulence and Robbie attends Cat's movie audition, for the movie Strep Note, a story about a man with a dying strep throat, trying to gain the love and attention of a woman he loves.

Air Date: December 2nd, 2015

Opening Scene: Sinjin is giving a presentation in Tori and Andre's singing class and everybody tells him to get off the stage due to his lack of talent in the singing filed. Lexis enters the class and she claims she is going to be in the class for the semester. Andre and Tori are both genuinely excited for her to be in the class, as Andre gives her a handshake. Lexis introduces herself to the class and then, the teacher proceeds to tell the class about their new project for a new song produced, either in pairs or working alone. The class starts talking and Tori and Andre agree to work together on a new song and feel bad that Lexis cannot work with them, since the project only allows two people to work together. Tori invites Lexis over to her house, so that Lexis can brainstorm on her song and that Tori and Andre will be there for help. Lexis agrees and Andre stares at Lexis, as she exits the class and Andre says, "That girl has some heart. I love it". Tori slaps Andre in the shoulder and tells him that she probably has a boyfriend.

Ending Scene: Lexis performs her song, "Golden L.A. Jets" and the whole class loves it and cheers. Andre walks up to Lexis, speechless and Tori signals him to make his move. Just when he is going to, Beck and Jade enter after being trapped in the movie theater for a day after the minor turbulence. Tori whispers to Beck that Andre is in love with Lexis. Beck makes a joke that first; Cat and Robbie are dating, now Lexis and Andre? Lexis is puzzled by Andre's speechlessness and asks all of them to go to lunch. Andre secretly tells Tori, "Maybe some other time".

  • Boys' Day Out

Story: After deciding that the girls (Tori, Cat, Jade, Trina, and Lexis) go out and do things more than they do, Beck, Andre, and Robbie decide to have a boys' day out, since one semester; Hollywood Arts grants a senior ditch day. Robbie, Beck, and Andre use this chance to go alone, without the girls, to go eat lunch at Nozu, go to the mall, sing at Karaoke Dokie, and go for a night ride to Downtown. Meanwhile, Tori, Trina, Sam Puckett, Jade, and Lexis all go to see Strep Note, starring Cat, who is too embarrassed to go see it because of a major mistake she makes when filming.

Air Date: December 9th, 2015

Opening Scene: Tori, Jade, Robbie, Beck, and Andre are sitting at the lunch table and as they are talking about Cat's new movie in which she is starring, Tori goes with Jade to meet with Lexis after school to go see Strep Note and try to convince Cat to come with them. Robbie, Andre, and Beck are left, realizing that the girls always go out to do things. When Robbie asks for an explanation and Rex makes fun of him for it, Andre explains that the three of them have never actually went out and did something without the girls, non-school related. Robbie likes the idea of it just being them three and Beck offers to give the two of them a lift to go eat lunch and do other things to fulfill their "fun day".

Ending Scene: After seeing the movie once more, this time with Cat and a fixed mistake, Tori, Jade, and Lexis all applaud for Cat, who they think seemed amazing in the movie. Cat wishes that Robbie was there to congratulate her and Tori asks the girls where Robbie is. The screen cuts to Robbie, Beck, and Andre in Beck's car, at night, rapping to a car while driving on the Los Angeles highways at night. Beck answers Tori's phone and the three of them yell into the phone, "HEY TORI!", hurting Tori's ears. Tori asks where they are and they explain that they are "jamming". Tori begins to hear crash noises in the phone and she is shocked. Meanwhile, Beck has crashed off the highway and says, "We were having so much fun, I forgot to get gas!" As the three of them are about to think of the crash as a tragic mistake, they laugh it off and continue rapping "Five Fingas To The Face".

  • Victori-Christmas Part 1

Story: The Sunday Night Live Show, holding a big Christmas special, are asking for a teen signer and a teen writer for the show. Tori and Andre both audition and get the part, but the Christmas cheer is sucked out of her after they tell her Santa is fake. Meanwhile, Cat is obsessed with the idea of having a White Christmas and her friends have to assist her to do so.

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