Veronica Vile
Veronica Vile (Star Teens Unite!)
Voiced by: Jennifer Hale
Occupation: High School Student
Family: Tiffany Vile (mother)
Status: Alive
Cause of Death:
Date of Birth:
Abilities: Causing trouble for Ella and the girls and making them lose the contest
When she becomes a one-time Star Teen (in The Eyes of Death), she uses her very powerful sulfur gas element
Color: Indigo

Veronica Vile is the the main antagonist of Star Teens. She's 14 years old and lives in Orlando, Florida with her mother Tiffany (her father divorced Tiffany and moved to San Francisco). She attends Osceola County Community High School with her enemies Ella, Inidra, Sandra, Felicia, Lisa, Tanya, and Sheila. She was a short-lived member of the high school's cheerleading squad, but that was before she broke her ankle and quit cheerleading for good. She always gets grounded by Tiffany to her bedroom for a whole year especially for failing homework grades and lying. She eventually matures and becomes more friendly as the series progresses. She is voiced by Jennifer Hale.

Appearance and Wardrobe

Ronnie's hair is a mixture of dark purple and black and her eyes are purple.

She wears her purple top with dark purple tiger stripes, her purple cotton pants with zipper pockets, her dark purple high-top sandals, her black bracelets on both wrists, and her small beady silver earrings on her ears. She also wears purple lip gloss. When she becomes a one-time heroine in the episode The Eyes of Death, she wears a golden crown on her head with an indigo gem in it, her outfit is made out of an indigo leotard with a dark indigo skirt, her pantyhose is blue violet, her shoes are indigo, and so are her fingerless gloves and face mask. Apparently, when she's allergic or smelling trouble, she still wears her Star Teens face mask to do so.


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