Velocity is a 2019 live-action/animated action thriller fantasy film based on the Nickelodeon series Velocity: The Dark Human Slayer, being directed by Andy Serkis and TBD. It is produced by Nickelodeon Movies and The Imaginarium and distributed by Paramount Pictures, being released on December 6, 2019.



A young velociraptor named Velocity is sent on a quest to stop the Dark Humans from taking over Dinosaur Village and the world. In the meantime he discovers new friends including a good Dark Human, and a dumbish Triceratops.

Full plot



  • TBD as Elisha, TBD.
  • Andy Serkis as Brimstone, the lord of dark humans who attempts to kill Velocity and take over the world.

Voice cast

  • Elijah Wood as Velocity, a velociraptor whose goal is to slay all dark humans.
  • Christian Bale as Prime, TBD.
  • TBD as Shunky
  • TBD as The Monkey Prison Warden




Critical response

  • This movie has received mixed reviews from critics. However, it did get some positive reviews from audiences and fans of the show. It received a 54% on Rotten Tomatoes, a 6.4/10 on IMDB, and a 65 on Metacritic. On CinemaScore, the average grade the audiences given the movie was a "A".

Box office

The film opened on December 6th with The Aeronauts, Playmobil: The Movie, Little Joe, Knives and Skin and Portrait of a Little Lady on Fire. The film finished second on the box office, behind Frozen II. It grossed over $420 million, becoming a box office hit.

Sequel and potiential shared universe

Main article: Velocity: Wrath of Grimm


LEGO sets

See Velocity/LEGO sets.



  • There was a cancelled movie before Velocity came out.
  • Rian Johnson was originally attrached to dorect the film, but due to creative difficulties, he stepped down as director, being replaced by Andy Serkis.
  • This film was released to celebrate Velocity: The Dark Human Slayer's 20th anniversary.
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