Velocity is a on-going comic book action-adventure comedy/drama comics published by IDW Publishing.




  • Velocity: a heroic Velociraptor who helds a blade called "Dark Human Extinction".
  • Shunky: a kind-hearted, but stupid and dim-whitted Triceratops.
  • Elisha: a Dark human who formerly worked for Brimstone, and is now allies with Velocity, Shunky, The Warden and Nancy.
  • Monkey Prison Warden: a monkey who is the warden of a prison.
  • Nancy: a Dark Human who once tried to kill Willie, but was saved by Velocity when the house collapsed and is now on Velocity's side.


  • Willie the Gerbil:
    • Delaney:
  • The Wooly Mammoths:
  • Baylee:
  • The Loch Ness Monster:
  • The Monkeys:
    • Kristina:


  • Brimstone: A supernatural demonic who is the leader of the Dark Human.
    • Malware:
    • Lexi:



Changes between the comics and the cartoon

  • Nancy and Monkey Prison Warden are one of the main characters.
  • Baylee is a ally in the comics, and is less annoying.
  • The characters has more realistic design rather than cartoony.
  • Blood is included, but not in every issue to make this comic more T-rated. In addition, mild profanity is heard.
  • Kristina and Delaney, similar to Baylee, serve here as allies rather than villains, with Kristina being a leader of the Monkeys while Delaney serves as the helper of Willie.


  • The humor from the original series (not the revival) is kept in the comic adaption.
  • Unlike the cartoon which the comic is based on, the comics has realistic designs, as the designs are based on Marvel and DC Comics.
  • This is considered a T-rated comic, as real blood is included, but not in each issue, and there are mild profanity.
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