Velocity: The Dark Human Slayer
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Dark fantasy
Adult animation
Dark Fantasy

Created by

Bryan Andrews
Rob Renzetti

Voices of

Dan Green
Rob Paulsen
Kat Cressida
Clancy Brown

Country of

United States



No. of seasons


No. of episodes

91 (List of episodes)



Bryan Andrews
Rob Renzetti

Running time

22 min.


Nickelodeon Animation Studio
MTV Production Development (Season 5 only)


ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks



Nickelodeon (1999-2003)
MTV (2018)

Original release

November 5, 1999 - March 7, 2003 (original)
March 23 - June 1, 2018 (revival)

Velocity: The Dark Human Slayer is an American animated dark fantasy series created by Bryan Andrews with Rob Renzetti co-creating that premiered on Nickelodeon on November 5, 1999 and ended on March 7, 2003, being produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studios and MTV Production Development (Season 5 only).

On 2017, it was announced that the series will be getting a new short season that will last for 11 episodes, making it a mini-series for MTV. The first six episodes started on March 23, 2018 with the last five episodes originally aimed for its June date, but went ahead and got released on May 31, 2018 instead.

The original series is rated TV-Y7-FV while its last season is rated TV-14-V.

This series has spawned a franchise: Velocity: The Dark Human Slayer (franchise), with tons of games being made and a prequel, titled The Human Race, being set to be released in 2020.


Season 1-4

After an incident strikes on Dinosaur Village, a Velociraptor is chosen to save not just the village from the Dark Humans, who wants to put the dinosaurs back to extinction, but also the entire world as well, as a result, he leaves the Dinosaur Village to save the world from the hands of the Dark Humans.

Season 5

40 years has passed, and a now aging Velocity now has lost his sword to TBD. Now, he must find a way to stop Brimstone without the Extinciton.



  • Velocity (voiced by Dan Green) - a vegetarian Velociraptor who tends to kill the Dark Humans.
  • Shunky (voiced by Rob Paulsen) - a triceratops who becomes Velocity's best friend since the third episode.
  • Elisha (voiced by Kat Cressida) - a Dark Human who was betrayed by Brimstone, joining Velocity and Shunky on their journey.


  • The Monkey Prison Warden (voiced by Tom Kenny) - a monkey who is the real warden of the Monkey Prison
  • Prime (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - a tyrannosaurus rex warrior who has raised Velocity, as well as the first to banish Brimstone and died on his hands on the day of his rise.
  • [similodean king]
  • Willie (voiced by Kath Soucie, and Kevin Michael Richardson in the fifth season) - a young gerbil who got lost in the haunted house. In the fifth season, he is now an adult, raising a kid.
  • Watari (voiced by Phil LaMarr) - a shinobi crab ninja who aided with Velocity.
  • Lord Fins (voiced by Steve Blum) - a seal who is the leader of the seals and walruses.
  • Burn (voiced by TBD) - a TBD mongoose with the Fuego Glove.
  • Moryo (voiced by TBD) - A rock troll who is actually very friendly and wants to protect his kind from hunters.
  • Shunky's Family, consisting of:
    • [Shunky's Dad]
    • Krystal (voiced by TBD) - a triceratops who is Shunky's mother.
    • [Shunky's younger brother]
  • White Shark (voiced by TBD) - a humanoid great white shark who is a ferocious warrior
  • The Golden Weaver (voiced by TBD) 


  • Dark Humans, consisting of:
    • Brimstone (voiced by Clancy Brown) - a spiritual Dark Human with snake legs and firey hair, and the main antagonist.
    • Ashton (voiced by Tara Strong) - Brimstone's idiotic assistant who often TBD.
    • Malware (voiced by John DiMaggio) - a vicious Dark Human commander who TBD.
    • Lexi (voiced by Kath Soucie) - a Dark Human assassin who TBD.
    • Clay (voiced by Tom Kenny) - a Dark Human hunter who attempted to TBD.
    • Nancy (voiced by Jennifer Hale) - a telekinetic Dark Human who lives in a haunted house, capturing innocent creatures and keeping them captive. She is the first Dark Human (besides Elisha) to redeem.
    • Lindsey (voiced by TBD) - a mean Dark Human who attempted to attack Watari's village.
    • Katrina (voiced by TBD) - a Dark Human who can use a bow and arrow.
    • TBD
    • Jack (voiced by TBD) - a Dark Human proacher who kidnapped Shunky's family.
    • Goldtouch (voiced by Troy Baker) - a Dark Human with a special ability to turn to gold simply by touching stuff.
  • Apeos (voiced by Mark Hamill) - a law-obbessed ape who took over Monkey Prison, and now is a criminal.
  • Unmenschlich (voiced by TBD) - a mysterious shadowy demon who TBD.
  • The Woodsman (voiced by TBD) - A woodsman with a mystical ax that can harness green energy.
  • The Phoenix Worshippers, consisting of:
  • The Dark Ness Monster/Lockeness Monster (normal voice by TBD, Dark Ness voice by TBD) - a Loch Ness Monster warrior who was corrupted by a dark curse.
  • Fuki (voiced by TBD) - a wildebeest who TBD.
  • Crypt King (voiced by TBD) - TBD.
  • The Skelebunch, consisting of:
    • [leader]
    • [strongest]
    • [intelligent]
    • [ditzy]
  • Beartrap (voiced by Diedrich Bader) - a bear who is a bounty Hunter, hired by Brimstone to track Velocity down.
  • Grimm (voiced by TBD) - a mysterious being who TBD. He was later revealed to be the true main antagonist.




American rapper Snoop Dogg has made a song titled Velocity, which is the theme song for the series.



The series was mainly animated at Rough Draft Korea, with the assistance of Tokyo Movie Shinsha (TMS Entertainment, flashback in one episode). The animation resembles the animation from Samurai Jack. Rough Draft Korea didn't return to animate the fifth season, so an another Korean animation studios, Digital eMation, Inc., provided the animation for that season instead.


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Film adaptation

See Velocity.

In October 2003, 7 months after the series ended, Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount Pictures had plans for a film adaptation based on the series. The movie was intended to be as a series finale to the show and was going to be released in 2007, but due to unexplained difficulties, troubles and money losses, the project was cancelled. However, in 2005, before the cancellation, Nickelodeon Movies created the project reel.

However, Ronzetti posted his late plans for a Velocity movie. The movie was to be titled Velocity: The Dawn of the Dark Humans and was to serve as a proper series finale. The animation would have been produced at Digital eMation in Korea, rather than Rough Draft Korea.

Even though the film in 2007 got cancelled due to unexplained difficulties, in 2019, a year after the revival season got out, they released a live-action film based on Velocity The Dark Human Slayer. The movie received mixed reviews from critics, but positive reviews from audiences, fans and other people, becoming a box-office hit.

Video games

See Velocity: The Dark Human Slayer [game where Velocity can control elements] and Velocity: The Dark Human Slayer: Dawn of Firebeard.)


See The Human Race.

In 2018, due to the fifth season's success, it was announced that a prequel to Velocity: The Dark Human Slayer is in production. The prequel was confirmed to be about Halie (who would later become the last human and Velocity's close ally/best friend) and Brimstone (who would later become the main antagonist of the original).


Velocity has appeared in some Nickelodeon-branded shirts.


Critical reponse

The series recieved "universal acclaim" from critics, viewers and fans alike. The rating on Rotten Tomatoes has "100%" Fresh certificate, with the critical consensus reading: (reserved for Green). The Metacritic has a score of 98 of 100, indicating "universal acclaim".



See Velocity: The Dark Human Slayer/Season 5.

On June 2017, MTV confirmed that Velocity: The Dark Human Slayer will be returning as a 11-episode mini-series. The revival shared the same animation as its first 4 seasons, but more enchanced. In contrast to its' first four seasons, the fifth season is more mature, gaining a TV-14-V rating.


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