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Four Lionhearted Kats: The Movie is an American computer-animated family comedy-drama fantasy adventure musical film produced by Cosmic Unimotions and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. The film stars Amanda C. Miller, Julie Maddalena, Crispin Freeman, Christine Marie Cabanos, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Stuart Allan, Abby Trott, Piper Rockelle, and Jennifer Lopez. This will be aired in theaters in the spring of 2028.


The Katroids and the Petallian children are shipwrecked on a mysterious kingdom called Sweetseria and must find a way home, they met King Marsh Mallows, Queen Clarice, and Princess Lolly Pops. There is an army called the Visage Rebels, and the leader of them is Lady Griselda in order to corrupt all the civilians and enslave them to her minions. Will the heroes stop the rebels, or will the villains claim victory?

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