Valiant Lionhearted Kats is an upcoming American animated series created by TBA. Tierra Salvaje, seventeen-years-old, and Gati Salvaje, eleven-years-old, are sisters who embark on their adventures and stop their archnemesis, Lord Draven. This will be released on TBA.

Book 1

The wild sisters use their elemental marks to embark on adventures and fulfill their dreams and journeys to become legendary heroines. They first start exploring their first region, Nydurst Domain, and will be able to travel to the other regions.

Book 2

Tierra and Gati have gained new powers since Tales of the Valiant Lionhearted Sisters Part 2 and are welcomed to visit the sorcerer anytime they like, but they encountered and discovered a mysterious sensitive man in a cloak (covering his identity and revealing to be a Katroid), who was raised in an orphanage. The man in each episode appears watching over the sisters as they go.

Book 3


Voice Cast

Main Cast

Major Cast

Villain Cast

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