The Heroes Alliance love Valentine's Day! Imagine their enemies, like Megamo and his lost girlfriend, Killra, falling in love with each other.


  • Xandir the Spellcaster: "Firing arrows... Now!"
  • Megamo: "Huh? An arrow! At my back!"
  • Killra: "Lumpy! Lumpy!"
  • Megamo: "Killra?"
  • Killra: "Megamo, my Lumpy, so it is you!"
  • Megamo: (hugs Killra) "Yes, my love. You are the only thing I love to have..."

(Meanwhile, at Aroll Park Station...)

  • Megamo: "Are you lost, Killra?"
  • Killra: "I was guarding Cybertron with Shockwave, and I just can't find you anywhere!"
  • Megamo: "I'll never ever lose you, Killra... Awww..."

(At the Heroes Alliance HQ...)

  • Xandir the Spellcaster: "Well, Optimus, Megamo found his long-lost love!"
  • Optimus Prime and Greymon: "Megamo again?"
  • Spider-Man: "But it's Valentine's Day!"
  • Red Ranger: "Yeah. Even when you are in love with Idina Meredith..."
  • Probe: "But Idina is my girlfriend!"
  • Ruckusmax: "This Valentine's Day is going to be a love-arrow!"
  • Arrowhead: "Here! Have my bow and love arrows!"
  • Xandir the Spellcaster: "Thanks!"

(At the Reckless Resort...)

  • Megamo: "Oh... Killra..." (sleeps in bed)

(At the window...)

  • Xandir the Spellcaster: (whispering to himself) "Megamo's fast asleep! Now's my chance!" (opens window and opens door of Megamo's room!)
  • Captain Warsaw: (whispering) "The coast is clear!"
  • Megatron: "AH, what a day to love a-- OUCH! What's this? A LOVE ARROW?!" (sees Queen Beryl)
  • Queen Beryl: "M-Megatron?"
  • Megatron: "Ah, Queen Beryl, there you are! I will love you forever..."
  • Yondu: "Shoot our Love Arrows so that our enemies will fall in love!"

(As they did so, the heroes were successful, although most villains are gay and lesbian...)

  • Star-Lord: "We did it!"
  • Groot: "I am Groot!"
  • Isaac: "Groot said that the villains now love each other."
  • Brave Little Toaster: "That's right! Heroes Alliance, back to base."

(The End)