Okay, you may be asking questions about me or The Secondary School Choir. So these are the questions you need answers to. If you want to ask more questions, comment them. Also no personal questions.

What is the concept/inspiration behind the series?

I was inspired by American TV series Glee and I wanted to make a series inspired by it. But with a more British/Australian twist to it. Also because Glee is not for children, I wanted to make the series more kid-friendly but more of an audience for teenagers. Along with that, the characters in the series will also be teenagers between the agaes of 12 and 17.

Are The Darkest Awakening and The Secondary School Choir connected?

They are not connected, they are both set in different universes. The Darkest Awakening is dark to the point that it is not for kids even though there are kids in the series. Also it is set in the Awakening timeline while the Secondary School Choir is set in the New Hope timeline.

Is the series on Wattpad?

No, only on ideas wiki.

Why there are no articles about the minor characters?

Only the main protagonists and the villains have articles about them. The main protagonists include Harvey, Reece, Blake, Troy, Brad, George, Zoe and Aiden.

Do you edit articles when you were in school?

Yes, but only after school or during computer classes.

Can I edit your articles?

Yes you can, but don't add categories that are off topic like when you put a character from The Darkest Awakening in The Secondary School Choir category or put links on the minor characters.

How can you understand British people?

Because ever since I was young, I was surrounded by teachers who are also British. I am in high school now but I still have British teachers.

Can you do the British accent?


Where did you get the name, Ms. Jackson?

Ms. Jackson's last name is named after my grandma's maiden name, Jackson.

Are you even British, Australian or American?

Nope, I'm from the Philippines.

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