Hello. My name is WikiMan. And right now, the Idea Wiki is in trouble.

Why is it in trouble? Numerous cheap and no-sense "fanfiction" was, is and will be ruining this potential think tank, as seen in most of the wiki's pages. And this is a bit worrying. What happened to this? And this? Why?

It's no surprise that this must stop as soon as possible. I've tried this numerous times and failed once, but this crusade continues until justice is served for good. And this time I need your help.

There's numerous ways, but the most useful way is to collaborate with an idea that can change either your own world or the entire world at large. Just like these ones.

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This project was once started as Project Mindlight with an adoption request for this wiki sent by me, WikiMan. It was then several criticism by these kids who keep defending their beloved "work". It got the attention Staff member User:Sannse who managed to warm me about banning me. I've left for a month to come back in March. This time I've brought some light into this wiki, and even brought my own take on the IW: I've called it Mindlight. But still this wiki remains ill, and even tho Mindlight is available, I'm going to change the Idea Wiki into a better place for ideas.


There can be various tips for doing your part. Here's three of them i've made (from the home page's talk page):

  • Try to search anything on the web for inspiration. You can get help from others.
  • Let your imagination flow. Imagine the possibilities of your idea.
  • Think about the aimed scale of your idea. Will it be small? Will it be big?

Of course you can ask others for any useful tip.


I'm looking for anyone to do their part and join the crusade or a better Idea Wiki. You can contact me if you have doubts on how to do it. Once the cleaning is done, I could:

  • select the wiki's new administrators
  • focus on MindLight and/or
  • aid in the development and/or administration of the new Idea Wiki.

The Idea Wiki is pretty sick, and needs your help. We look for your collaboration as soon as possible.

My best wishes, -wikiman meet. talk. 21:25, March 28, 2013 (UTC)

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