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Wrath's Battlesuit Concept

This is my idea for a supervillain in my own superhero series (Spartan). Wrath is the archenemesis of Paladin and has many powers that contrast those of the armoured hero. He is most famous for the levelling of Ashwent on 22nd June 2033.


Aliases August Dragomir, The Iron Dragon
Height 6' 3 (out of suit), 6' 8 (in suit)
Weight 215 lbs (out of suit), Suit weighs 520 lbs

Advanced Weaponry, Brilliant Tactical Mind, Advanced Martial Abilities, Battle Suit, Explosives Expert, Expert Marksman, Trained in Chemical, Biological and Psychological Warfare, Peak Strength, Agility and Stamina and strong determination

Affiliations Various Terrorist Organisations

August Dragomir was born into a rich Romanian family, in the city of Rucâr in Romania on 22nd December 1983. His father, Orliviu Dragomir, was a Commander Lieutenant Major in the Romanian Army, serving just north of the Balkans. His mother, Sandra Ileana, was a Russian accountant who came to assist Orliviu with his debts.

As a child, August was obsessed with the army, and his father often brought him along to training excercises. August was not particularly strong, and the reason for this was discovered when he was four years old. When taken in for an X-Ray following a broken arm, it was discovered that he had myasthenia (muscle weakness). When he was informed, he took it upon himself to become like his father, despite his disability.

He started training with anything and everything, from simple push ups and jogging, to bench presses and weight lifting. In order to join the army, he increased his school productivity, especially in Mathematics, Languages, Geography, History and the Sciences. In his school reports he was described as "a very intellectual and competitive boy, with strong potential".

He graduated from Carol I National Defence University in 2002 with distinction and was almost immediately posted in the Balkans alongside his father. He briefly served in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, receiving various honours for doing so. He was selected by the Russian for an elite squadron in 2007, and so followed it through, under his father's advice. He received the Order of St. Andrew, for his accomplishments during the Winter Rising of 2015 and his service to the state in Afghanistan.

In 2019, August was sent a message from America, asking for his expertise with weaponry and advanced electronics and he complied.

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