This is my idea for a Supervillain for my own Superhero series (Spartan). Last Light is possibly the greatest threat posed to Spartan because of his incredible abilities and influence over the people of Everham.

Last Light
Aliases Jeremiah Phillips, Devil Incarnate
Height 5' 9
Weight 190 lbs
Skills/Attributes Genius Level Intellect, Mysterious and incredible charisma, heightened strength, telekinetic powers
Affiliations Friend of the Mayor of Everham 


Last Light - Picture 1-

Jeremiah Phillips was born in London on 3rd November 1983 into the rich Phillips family. His father, Frank, was disappointed in him because of his weak build and refusal to enjoy sports. Nevertheless, he was impressed with Jeremiah's intelligence, which was mainly used in his obsession with genetics.

At the age of twelve, Jeremiah completed his A levels (Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics and Pschology) and prepared to leave for King's College, Cambridge.

He graduated from King's College in 1998, with exceptional credentials and went on to work at Cold Spring Harbour, because of his genetic obsession. In 2003, he finally completed his life long dream and found a way of accessing the human Genome. He discovered that future human evolutions were stored in DNA, and had to "activated" by physical events. However, Jeremiah found that a combination of cells and chemicals could be used to simulate these events and activate evolutionary changes.

His first test was upon himself, activating genes for increased strength and the integration of the minds senses to nerves and muscles, allowing the brain to affect the physical world (ie telekinetic powers).

Physical Appearance

Last Light doesn't appear very threatening physically, being shorter and lighter than Spartan, but his cool demeanour and his ability to constantly be in control makes him psychologically terrifying.

He has dark black hair that is cut short, and deep green eyes, with a short nose and a very defined face shape. Without a shirt, it is revealed that his muscles are naturally larger than the average human's, but by no means exceptional.

His favourite apparel is a large overcoat, similar to Sherlock's in the modern TV series, as well as stone washed jeans and raven black shoes.

Confrontations with Spartan

Because Last Light does not possess physical powers that would make hand-to-hand fighting with Spartan eaiser, he is mainly seen as the armoured knight's more mental foe, challenging the hero with complex plots, or acting as a psychological threat.

However, in the first engagement of the two foes, Spartan had no idea what to expect from this seemingly insignificant enemy. When Last Light used his telekinetic powers, he thows Spartan through six walls, crippling the hero.

He most famous attack on the Spartan was using his influence with the Government to "prove" that Spartan was a vigilante and therefore a threat to public safety. He showed how much damage Spartan had caused and used his brilliant mind to twist the facts to show that Spartan was as much as villain as the people he fought. Meanwhile, Last Light showed Spartan just what he had done to the city. He showed him how, without Spartan, thousands of people would still be alive. He reminded Spartan of the friends he had lost through villains created by his own actions.

Spartan quit his hero role and Everham fell into the Winter Stage, an era in which villains thrived. The people lost hope and abandoned the idea of Spartan as a hero. Last Light instead took up the role as the morale booster throughout the Winter Stage, replacing Spartan.

At last, when Spartan realised what Last Light was planning to do, he stepped back into his superhero suit and brought about an end to the Winter Stage. He faced Last Light and defeated him with some aid from the hero Horus. As Last Light is the only villain ever to force Spartan to abandon his role, he gains the special honour of being the only villain ever to fully beat the hero.

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