Ghost - Picture 1-

Ghost in his trademark battle armour.

This is my idea for a supervillain in my new superhero series (Spartan). Ghost is a guerilla war expert and has managed to best Spartan with the help of a super serum called Havoc.

Aliases Stan Isidor
Height 6' 7
Weight 275 lbs (when on Havoc)
Skills/Attributes Brilliant Martial Artist, heightened strength, stamina and agility, expert in guerilla warfare.
Affiliations Viet Kong, Lithuanian Army, Ghost Squad


Stan Isidor was born in Minsk, Lithuania on 9th January, 1952, the son of a baker and waitress. He was bullied at school because of his poverty and he took to attending martial arts lessons. He beat up two of his bullies at age seven.

After this outburst his parents took him to a psychologist, under advice from his teachers and doctors. He was deemed insane, with intense paranoia. He was placed in solitary treatment and it was decided that he was too unstable to live in the normal world. He was allowed to visit his parnets twice a year, but for the rest of his life, he was to be placed in solitary confinement.

His insanity led him to attempt escape and he succeeded after almost eleven tries. He smuggled his way into an army base, after reading about developments into supersoldier serums. He stole a batch and fled. Two years later, what is assumed to be his alter ego joined the Viet Kong, rigging explosives within Vietnamese towns to surprise American forces. Shocked by the Napalm attacks, he found the war too extreme and left. He joined the Lithuanian Army for a brief period before being dishonorably discharged for violent conduct.

Because of his first hand experience of American brutality, he decided that is was in the best interest of the world to eliminate key American leaders, who supported the Vietnam War. He assassinated the Head of Military Defence and, soon after, the General in Command of American forces in Vietnam.

Soon, a trail a bodies began to form about him, as American forces closed in on him. However, thanks to supporters in Vietnam, itself, he managed to go into hiding. When Spartan returned, supporting the people of America and order, Ghost thought that he was a war sympathiser, despite the obvious refusal to kill.

Ghost assembled a group of elite Guerilla soldiers and formed that Ghost Squad, a platoon of highly trained operatives, aimed at taking down war sympathisers worldwide. This eventually led to the group becoming a mercenary alliance, but ultimately aimed at making a living out of death. Ghost's aim had been turned over, yet he remained at the head of the Order.

Physical Appearance

Ghost has short brown hair and a tough, rugged face, a testimony to his years of service in the military. His large size and build often allow him to win confrontations without a fight. Despite this, however, he can remain stealthy. Without armour, he still possesses incredible resistance, with his bulk and muscular strength serving him well against most hand-to-hand attacks.

Ghost wears an armoured battle vest which is resistant to knives, bullets and fire and has an imprinted Ghost face on the front, representing his squad. He is an expert with a sniper and often uses escrima sticks, which he attaches to the back of his battle vest.

Ghost Squad

Ghost's influence over the people of the militarised world is increased by the presence of the Ghost Squad, an elite group of Vietnamese Guerilla fighters. Originally formed to tackle war sympathisers, the Squad has now expanded to act as mercenaries and eliminators of Ghost's enemies, including Spartan.

The Squad is divided into three main ranks: Suppliers, Operatives and Militia.

The Suppliers are a worldwide network of smugglers that will help provide the organisation with its military needs such as explosives, ammunition and other weapons. They function in co-ordination with various mafias and crime triads around the world. Their main base is located in Beijing, whwre millions of dollars worth of military grade equipment is shipped. Most of it is provided to various Eco-Terrorist and Anti-War groups, but a small amount of the highest quality goods are sent to Ghost Squad members.

The Operatives are members who can be brought it at a moments notice, as they are stationed at strategic places across the planet. They will take on special missions when needed. They are anything from explosives experts, assassins, terrorists or smugglers.

Finally, the Militia are the main military force. With about a hundred of these ex-Viet Kong veterans, the Militia is a strong force to be reckoned with.

Confrontations with Spartan

Ghost has managed to stand up to Spartan in hand-to-hand combat on several occasions, however, it is the defeat of the Armoured Knight that he is most proud of. Ghost holds an almost honourary position as one of the villains that Spartan is generally afraid of. Not only is he physically intimidating and skilled, but his intelligence and knowledge of warfare often allow him to outwit Spartan.

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