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Rabbitgentleman Rabbitgentleman 10 February 2017

Psonic X Touhou Wiki needs more contributors!

Oh men! I spent more time in doing anything like what I have planned in school. But if you have Wikia account as a contributor, I need your help to work there faster. So before you contribute there, here are some important questions regarding to my Psonic X Touhou Wiki project.

What is my wikia called?

Psonic X Touhou Wiki

Where is it?

What is it about?

The Psonic X Touhou Wiki (stylized version: PSONIC × 東方 Wiki) is a collaborative site of knowledge for everything related to a future competitive arcade-styled crossover fighting video game title with some role-playing game elements, Psonic X Touhou.

Why am I making a wikia about this topic?

To have a fanbase for a dark fighting game as an im…

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