Oh men! I spent more time in doing anything like what I have planned in school. But if you have Wikia account as a contributor, I need your help to work there faster. So before you contribute there, here are some important questions regarding to my Psonic X Touhou Wiki project.

What is my wikia called?

Psonic X Touhou Wiki

Where is it?


What is it about?

The Psonic X Touhou Wiki (stylized version: PSONIC × 東方 Wiki) is a collaborative site of knowledge for everything related to a future competitive arcade-styled crossover fighting video game title with some role-playing game elements, Psonic X Touhou.

Why am I making a wikia about this topic?

To have a fanbase for a dark fighting game as an important contributors including the trusted users.

Why might people want to join your community?

Because I want the other people's contributions for Psonic X Touhou wiki faster to make the community grow bigger while following its known rules instead of an individual who founded his impressive wiki. Without them, it will become slower even if I have a lot of important things to do.

What have I written so far?

I respectively wrote the articles about characters, the game itself, gameplay and scripts since the foundation of Psonic X Touhou Wiki.

What do you want to do with the wikia in the future?

Even though I have many things to importantly do in consuming my time, they are required to help me out there in Psonic X Touhou Wiki.

How could others help me out?

To have community and faster contributions in growing anything related to Psonic X Touhou at least 5 or more users to go.

Enjoy and good luck!

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