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  • Hostdude98

    Ask 1x1x1x1

    October 28, 2017 by Hostdude98

    I'm back with another QNA! Today 1x1x1x1 from ROBLOX: The Movie will be answering questions!

    1x1x1x1: (wakes up)

    Donny: Good morning sir, I made breakfast for you!

    1x1x1x1: Not hungry... IM BORED! Ever since we got defeated by those noobs, i've been being bored.

    Donny: Answer people's questions!

    1x1x1x1: How do i do that?

    Donny: Easy! Someone will ask you a question and you answer it!


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  • Hostdude98

    Ask Jake

    October 20, 2017 by Hostdude98

    Ok, so since Ask Chad was really popular, i decided to do another QNA based on ROBLOX: The Movie. This time, Jake will answer!

    Chad: (calls Jake)

    Jake: Hello?

    Chad: Hey dude! Whatcha doing?

    Jake: Nothing, being leader of ROBLOXIA is boring. What should i do?

    Chad: Well, you can ask people some questions!

    Jake: How do i do that?

    Chad: All the fanon characters of Idea Wiki Universe are answering questions! I even did a QNA!

    Jake: You did?

    Chad: Yeah! Why won't you quit your little boring things and answer people questions!

    Jake: Yeah! Zach, stay here and protect the city!

    Zach: Okay!


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  • Hostdude98

    Ask Buster and Rosie

    October 7, 2017 by Hostdude98

    So, i decided to An Animal's Escape character QNA! Today, Buster and Rosie will answer questions!

    Buster: Tell us any questions!

    Rosie: Yeah! We're bored!

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  • Hostdude98

    Ask Chad

    October 6, 2017 by Hostdude98

    Ok, so since ROBLOX: The Movie is one of my best ideas ever created, i decided to a Character QnA! Today Chad will answer! Let's begin:

    Chad: (hums) Im bored, wait i know! I can answer people's questions! it's perfect!

    Sean: Wait what are you are doing?

    Chad: I am going to do a QnA!

    Sean: Cool! I would love to join you!

    Chad: Any questions?

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  • Hostdude98

    Ok, so im doing a reverse way of Kid Shows being reimagined as Horror films, etc. (NOTE: I WILL ACCEPT BOTH REAL AND FANON HORROR FILMS!) 

    So here are my examples:

    I feel like IT can be reimagined as a kid type clown. You know, like the clowns you find in the circus, thats what i want him to be like.

    You know the weird murderer in the R rated film? He can be like a kid-friendly comdian wearing a mask! It could blow kids right off! 

    You know the creepy little annoying doll named Chucky? He can act friendly, and you know those baby dolls? He can act like a baby and somebody will have to take care of it, and take it on adventures.



    You know the weird white masked dude (whatever he is), he can be like a tour guide for kids, and teach them all …

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