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  • The game starts with the date and location set as ???.


  • April 13: The game officially begins. The protagonist visits their home and is taken in by Mahiro Asai. They meet Igor, Walter, Jenine, and Beatrice for the first time.
  • April 14: The protagonist goes to school for the first time and is shown around by Eiji. They encounter the Masuya gang for the first time and at night travel to .New for the first time. They also encounter Shadow Eiji and Shadow Kaori, as well as Seth.
  • April 15: Eiji and the protagonist learn that Kaori also got stuck in .New and decide to take her there. They have another run-in with Shadow Kaori. Eiji unlocks his Persona.
  • April 16: The protagonist meets Etsuko Asai, who quickly leaves for the park. After school, Kaori forces the protagonist and Eiji to accompany her to .New to see her Shadow again. She attempts to confront it and ends up promising to help the protagonist defeat her Shadow after learning how distorted her desires are.
  • April 17: The protagonist, Seth, Eiji, and Kaori break into Shadow Kaori's Databank and face her. After her defeat, Kaori unlocks her Persona and tells everyone she'll be looking for a way to repay them.
  • April 18: The day begins with the protagonist unlocking the Fool Arcana at Rank 1. During class, the protagonist is asked about who invented the mechanical television (John Logie Baird). Seth reveals he can communicate with the group through text messages and asks to meet them the next day.
  • April 19: The group travel to .New and meet with Seth, who requests their help to fix .New, which is slowly being corrupted by an odd "glitch". They end up fighting a miniboss after reaching a locked door in .New.
  • April 20: Free time for the first time.
  • April 21: Free time.
  • April 22: Free time.
  • April 23: Free time. During class, the protagonist is asked which religious prophet claimed that the fall of Jerusalem was deserved (Ezekiel).
  • April 24: Free time.
  • April 25: Free time.
  • April 26: Free time.
  • April 27: Free time.
  • April 28: Free time. During class, the protagonist is asked where the term "method to one's madness" comes from (Shakespeare).
  • April 29: Free time.
  • April 30: Kaori tells the group that she's been gathering up money the whole month and has decided to take them out for lunch the next day. After class, the protagonist has a brief run-in with Daizo Matsuya, who is seen that night mugging a woman, which their brother Goro doesn't seem to like.


  • May 1: The protagonist receives a phone call from their father, unlocking the Judgement Arcana at Rank 1. They then meet with Kaori and Eiji to decide on a place to eat. They eat out that night and afterward the protagonist once again has a run-in with Daizo which is stopped by Goro. Daizo confronts Goro about this later.
  • May 2:
  • May 3:
  • May 4:
  • May 5:
  • May 6:
  • May 7:
  • May 8:
  • May 9:
  • May 10:
  • May 11:
  • May 12:
  • May 13:
  • May 14:
  • May 15:
  • May 16:
  • May 17:
  • May 18:
  • May 19:
  • May 20:
  • May 21:
  • May 22:
  • May 23:
  • May 24:
  • May 25:
  • May 26:
  • May 27:
  • May 28:
  • May 29:
  • May 30:
  • May 31:











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