Face Paints, Dark Paints, Tattoos, Mind Takers, Masks and Scars

New species.

Collin the Speedy Boy

Let's rip-off Sonic and put its own creator starring in it!

Velocity: The Dark Human Slayer

Samurai Jack but a dinosaur, also has hints of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Every YouTube Idea

YouTube is love, YouTube is life.

Mark: Time Janitor

Ah time travel... so beautiful... so wonderful... so cliché.

The Tales of the Paintders

Every teen comedy, but animated.

Good Ol' Magic

Lesbian witches! Good idea!

The Mystic Woods

Narnia or Lord of the Rings, IDK just your generic high-fantasy adventure.

The Cryptids

They're real, they're out there and they're surprisingly as human as we are.

Eric and Claire

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, wait... that's a ghost.

The Miserable Adventures of Riley

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy without Billy or Grim.

Kaylia: Space Avenger

Girl goes to space.

Sapphire: Medieval Warrior

Same concept, switch out space for the Middle Ages.

Gatopardos the Cheetah

Something about wild animals and constellations, IDK?

Flytrap: Savior of All

Let's make a Venus Flytrap a superhero, what could possibly go wrong?

Agent Foxy and Pounce the Cat

The Modifyers but furry.

The Mysterious Mysteries of Mystery Manor

Welcome to the Department of Redundancy Department, also imagine having to say all those M words, that'd be quite a tongue twister!

Sonic: Max Justice

Let's reboot Sonic, again!

James Cameron's Sonic

At least it isn't Michael Bay.

Spyro the Dragon: Rebirth

At least it isn't Skylanders.

Wander of Wonder

A decent idea, except for the animals.

The Lion King Reborn

Who would watch this?

Marvel Wonders Animated Universe

Marvel reboot, yeah.

Epic Rap Battles of History: Reborn

Basically season 6.

Doctor Who (US TV series)

Just like The Office.

Crystal the Face Paint Heroine

A Face Paint tries to stop evil, Yay!

Fabian Fox Havoc! (R.I.P.)

Chris Pratt stars in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (but with a fox).

Disney's The Angry Birds Movie 2

Hey, let's ruin Angry Birds by having Disney control it, because they don't already have too much franchises.

Miss Phillipines

Racial boundaries broken!

The Loud House Movie

Game of Thrones and Batman vs. Superman have a baby.

BlooJ's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Let's combine Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends with South Park and a whole bunch of other characters that have no business being there, because the creator wants to be SuperMarioLogan for some reason, that's a good idea right...right?

Gumball Reborn

You motherfucker!

Peanuts (1997 adult TV series)

Satan's child.

Looney Puffs


80's Unleashed

Pixels... on bath salts.

Every Bricky Blocks idea


Every KKDisney idea

See above plus adult shows.

Every ModernClassicCartoonGamer15 idea

See above.

Every Harrison Stoller idea


Every Zack097 idea

Every media you love... on cocaine.

Cartoon Network: CN School

Like a school comic... WITH CN CHARACTERS!

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