Like WB Kids, I will make the Fox Kids revival block into a channel with a proposal of shows from:

  • 20th Century Fox Television
  • Saban Brands
  • TMS Entertainment
  • MGM Animation
  • The Jim Henson Company (Dog City and Jim Henson's Animal Show-only)
  • HiT Entertainment
  • Hasbro Studios (Pound Puppies, The Adventures of Chuck and Friends, Transformers and Blazing Team-only)
  • Xilam
  • Sony Pictures Television
  • Gaumont
  • Universal Television
  • DHX Media
  • Nelvana
  • Anime and Manga TV Series
  • And many more...

Also, in the channel airs blocks like Fox Kids Jr.Mighty Power HourPopcorn CinemaAction KidsNat Geo Kids and Retro Toon Factory.

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