This is a alternative version of the 2017 live-action film of the same name. 


In the Cenozoic era, an group of six multi-colored warriors know as the Power Rangers begins tasking of hiding the Zeo Crystal on Prehistoric Earth until, Rita Raspula, the Pink Ranger, along with her minions, betrays and killed them where she plans of dominate the universe until Zordon, the Red Ranger, using the last of his magic powers to sealed away in the moon, causing him to peacefulally dies where Alpha 5 finds the Rangers' Power Coins from within the Command Center, even putting himself offline. 

In 21-century Angel Grove, friends; Jason Lee Scott, Zach Taylor, Billy Cranston, Trini Kawn, and Kimberly Ann Hart hanging out at the Jucie Bar where Jason help train both Billy and Zach while Trini and Kimberly train together. more coming soon... 

In a series of mid- and post-credit scenes, 


  • The film remain the same, but with a few additions.
    • The Rangers are not outcasts and their costumes are a mixture of the classic and reboot costumes. 
    • Bulk and Skull appears in the film. 
    • Ernie appears in the film as well. 
    • Finster, Baboo, and Squatt also appears in the film. 
    • Like the original film, Zordon remain the Red Ranger, but Rita become the Pink Ranger instead. 
    • Tommy Oliver appears in one of the film's mid and post-credit scenes instead of leaving his jacket like in the original film. He also reveal that he has the Green Power Coin. 
    • The Megazord remain the same to its Television counterpart and show the combination. 
    • The Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink Rangers' weapons are introduced and the Power Blaster is also introduced as well. 
    • Lord Zedd in a post-credit scene. 
    • Like the Boom! Studios comics, Billy and Skull were childhood friends. 
    • Alpha's design is more like his television counterpart. 
    • Rita remain more liking her television counterpart. 
    • Goldar is more like his television counterpart instead of being a golden-winged gold. 
    • The Putties remain more like their television counterparts.