Earth-HG01 (Earth-HeavenGenerator01) is a universe created by Billy2009.

Justice Avengers 


Superman: The last survive of the Kryptonian. He was raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent. Than, he realize that his is a alien when his is 19 and become the superhero Superman.

Batman v superman dawn of justice batman poster by timetravel6000v2-d7t66nb

Batman: After the death of his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. Bruce Wayne becomes the Batman and battles crimes.


Wonder Woman: Raised on amazon, Princess Diana become Wonder Woman and goes to men world as a superhero.


Spider-Man: After being bitten by a radioactive spider while on a field trip at Wayne Industries which gains him spider powers which him becomes Spider-Man and learn that "With great powers there must also come with great responsibility" after the death of his beloved uncle Ben Parker.


Iron Man: After being kidnap by the Ten Rings, Tony Stark and Ho Yinsen created a iron suit which his escapes. Than, Tony decides to become the superhero Iron Man to fight crimes.


Flash: Police scientist Barry Allen was stuck by lightning and was puts in a coma 5 mouths later and become the Flash to find the killer who kills Barry's mom.


Hulk: Scientist Bruce Banner was turn into a green bulk-like monster and begins to control his hulk side.


Captain America: A super soldier from War World II who was frozen in years . more profile coming soon...


Ant-Man/Giant-Man: Scientist Hank Pym created the Pym Particles which he become the Ant-Man/Giant-Man to fight crimes as a superhero.


Wasp: Janet van Dyne-Pym is Hank's girlfriend and later become a wife as the superhero, the Wasp.

The Founding Members

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