I'd like to introduce you all to the cartoon characters I've created, whose names are in the title.


File:Bliz, Snap, 'n' Merv.jpg

And now, to know a little more about them, starting with Blizzer.

Blizzer Bunny: Blizzer has a positive and upbeat attitude towards most things that come into his life, and is widely accepting of others. Kind of like Wander from Wander Over Yonder, in a sense, but with some of Bugs Bunny's personality sprinkled into the mix, too. Speaking of Wander, he has the same voice actor as him, Jack McBrayer.

Basically, Blizzer's the most friendly out of the three, and even considers Snappy and Mervis as his brothers. In most situations he gets into, he tries to resolve it in the most peaceful way possible. However, he can go a bit overboard with his positivity at times.


Next, Snappy.

Snappy Squirrel: Snappy is the more agressive brother out of the trio. He's a pretty quick to anger guy and mostly comes off as somewhat of a jerk, mainly towards his and/or his brothers' antagonists. Think of him as a... PG version of Conker the Squirrel, with the voice of Rigby from Regular Show, William Salyers. He can get so riled up to the point that his tail becomes a burst of fire each time he gets enraged. On the other hand, he has a genuine heart of gold, towards his allies and brothers, to contrast with his pretty short temper.


Lastly, but certainly not least, Mervis.

Mervis Mouse: Voiced by Rob Paulsen, Mervis is the most responsible and mature of the three brothers. Clearly, he's a big fanatic with anything related to science and technology. He's also a real brainiac, but prefers not to boast about it that much. He's not so full of himself to the point he becomes straight up arrogant about himself, unlike other brainiacs you see in other cartoons.

Still, he tries to help his brothers the best he can, mostly with the help of a vastly zany collection of his gadgets and inventions at disposal. A bit of a more exaggerated version of Donatello from the 2012 version of TMNT, in terms of his fascination with technology, when you really think about it.


So, there's the three cartoon rodent brothers, personalities included. I'm hoping to make this a real show sometime in the future, and have it even air on Nick, so it could have a potential crossover with The Loud House, so that the characters from both shows can interact with one another on a higher level than other cartoon crossovers.

Hope you guys enjoyed this.

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