Has anyone ever felt like that when it comes to certain people and subjects, you just feel, I don't know, cornered against a wall.

Well that's how I've been feeling lately.

Lately, I've been finding that some certain people and subjects continue to haunt me throughout my days on certain wikis.

Like I said before, I'm not a homophobic. I'm just. Scared. A lot of things involving homosexuality have been getting on Christianity's tail, and have not been letting people of my religion be left in peace. Not just that, but so many other people and things have been targeting people such as Christians in order to put them down with words, beatings, and death. What I'm saying is the truth.

I just feel like, that there are certain subjects that I don't like which won't leave me alone. It's like I can barely go a day without having to hear about something in particular that I don't like. I'm very stressed, nothing more.

Also, I saw that a person called me stupid, and that I was someone that people wouldn't like. Really though, I'm actually a really smart and nice person, and I'm hoping to be a friend if you all can allow that. I'm not someone who wants to or enjoys causing conflict.

Please understand, I'm only human. I'm so easily stressed and anxious. I have a lot more in common with you guys than most people think.

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