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  • 1mavstone

    Some ideas I have recently are some good ideas, the only downside is I don't know what to name the show ideas. For that, I may need your help to name the show.

    Show Ideas:

    A: The story revolves around a half-dragon, half-human Prince of the Dragons who wants to become a warrior. During his quest, he meets new allies, a fairy with the magical ability of nature, an intelligent rogue that can be temperamental, and a sorcerer with the magical ability of water as they save the world from a dark lord.

    B: The story revolves around a blue-haired teenage girl as she joins a supernatural agency that kills spirits whose souls are dark and save spirits whose souls are pure as she and the agency also have to figure out who or what is making the spirits' e…

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  • 1mavstone

    Metahumans: Students Wanted

    November 18, 2018 by 1mavstone

    Hello people of Idea Wiki, I am here to say I may need your help with the making on the Metahumans series, the show is a anime-inspired action/comedy cartoon set in a school area (more on it here) and I may need help making the students, if you got some ideas yourself, comment them down, there are a few rules.

    • Only 30 students are allowed as minor characters, the rest you choose later will be stand-ins.
    • If you don't have any ideas for a character, try making a fictional version of yourself.
    • Follow the Format.


    • Name
    • Power
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • Class (Seat Number)
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  • 1mavstone

    A moment ago, I made an idea for a Super Smash Bros. series. You can see it on the Super Smash Bros. the Series page. The only problem is that I couldn't think of some ideas for the main characters, so maybe I can let you guys choose who should be the main characters. I made some polls below, please, choose wisely (the Mii Fighters aren't allowed in the idea).

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