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I have to explicitly state this: do not talk to me anywhere else about your block on Ideas Wiki. Don't even think about talking to me about stuff in Dream Logos Wiki and Dream Fiction Wiki. I no longer care for them, blocks are usually not my fault so I can't help, and if you break these two rules, you will be blocked, one way or the other. Also, I imported a lot of pages into this wiki (such as Bluey (Season 3)), so if you see my name in the edit history, but NOT the notice "Created the page with" next to it, chances are I did not create it, and you should not ask me about those pages. Otherwise, I might as well start deleting the pages.

Hi, I am Ootwar, and I am a genderqueer writer, podcast host, closet cosplayer and investor (yes, really), who's an experienced admin coming from a few wikis. I use they/them pronouns, and I am from the glorious land of Finland, which doesn't even exist, ha, got ya. I listen to music, the genre kinda varies, but I stick around pop and rock a lot (Queen, Pink Floyd, Jonsi, Arca, Bon Iver, etc) and I also tend to listen to music that is played in Apple ads, because they have good taste.

My best friends include Lumogo and CapitalCitiesABC, and if anything bad happens to them, I will end everyone in this room, and then myself.

My utilities

Product Note(s)
OnePlus OnePlus 8 My most recent device - owned since August 13, 2020, when this list was first created
Discord Discord My primary communication channel - I also use Twitter. WhatsApp and Facebook, but nobody cares about that.
Google Google Chrome The browser that literally everyone except Firefox users use - hell, even the Microsoft Edge and Opera (current versions) users are technically using Chrome.
Ugee Ugee M708 (2020) My drawing tablet - the old faithful; had it replaced twice with the same product but different generations
Adobe Creative Cloud

I mainly use Illustrator and Photoshop for my work here. I pay for this monthly.

ImageLine FL Studio -
Celsys Clip Studio Paint -
Various Custom built PC Windows 10 Pro, Intel Core i5, ASUS baseboard, 16 GB RAM, RADEON R9 200 Series, and two disk drives: SanDisk SD7TB6S256G1001 and Samsung HD502IJ

My pages and related things

My friends' stuff related to my stuff

For script execution

Everytime you block me, the editing only gets worse and longer. That is a script developer guarantee. Side effects include accidentally editing other's pages without permission. In case this happens, please add the title of the page you don't want affected (that YOU own) under this line. Also, I mark all the edits as minor. So if you don't wanna see that, go to your Account Settings.

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