Jacky 50A

aka The Hero of (Insert Place Here)

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in Somewhere on Earth
  • My occupation is Beating bad guys and other random things
  • I am Something from Hala

Welcome to my humble profile page. There's nothing here but my works, so sorry for that. I'm a person of both friendliness and seriousness and has been banned here once, but that's due to an accident. I'm notorious for working in Marvel NEW alongside my fellow writers and responsible for the creation of the one cancer you know as Ego, the Living Plant.

Some Drawing Thing

Big thanks to GazzaB9 for drawing this masterful art.

Some of my Works

  • War of Games (my first idea)
  • Exiles New World (my best work thus far)
  • Death and Survival
  • A few others that I don't exactly dedicate myself to anymore, but they still lie around the wiki.
  • That thing above known as Ego, the Living Plant.
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