aka David

  • I live in California [UTC -7]
  • I was born on August 9
  • My occupation is Idea Wiki writer + Power Rangers super-fan + Beyblade enthusiast + A dude with Tourette's syndrome
  • I am Male. This is one of the only two genders.
Stop right there.

I, David "Hyperus18" Tang, claim full ownership for Hyperus18. Please do not edit this page without advance permission or unless you have a good reason to. Moreover, NO PLAGIARISM! All plagiarizers will be caught!

- David "Hyperus18" Tang -

Hello! I am Hyperus18 the Unofficial Idea Critic (I am kinda like Jojo from Papa Louie).

BTW: I wrote most of the Power Rangers and Power Rider stuff here.

FUN FACT: I use "World of (franchise/PRa season/PRi season)" instead of very long "Earth-(number)" designations. It's easy to remember.

Click here for my official comparison page template.


I quit being admin.

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