aka David, or RegalHyperus

  • I live in California [UTC -7]
  • I was born on August 9
  • My occupation is Idea Wiki writer + Power Rangers super-fan + Beyblade enthusiast + A dude with Tourette's syndrome + Attempting to stay away from politics as much as possible
  • I am Male
Stop right there.

I, David "Hyperus18" Tang, claim full ownership for Hyperus18. Please do not edit this page without advance permission or unless you have a good reason to. Moreover, NO PLAGIARISM! All plagiarizers will be caught!

- David "Hyperus18" Tang -

Hello! I am Hyperus18 the Unofficial Idea Critic (I am kinda like Jojo from Papa Louie).

BTW: I wrote most of the Power Rangers and Power Rider stuff here.


  1. I use "World of (franchise/PRa season/PRi season)" instead of very long "Earth-(number)" designations. It's easy to remember.
  2. Before my very big argument with RedLegend1 in 2018, I was an immature woke SJW. Thankfully, I learned from my mistakes.

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I quit being admin.

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