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  • I live in United States
  • I was born on March 10
  • My occupation is idk
  • I am None of your business mate
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{{Quote|Never give up on making and sharing ideas. Ideas are made by our imaginations, so you should not let your imagination pass away.|me}}
I'm just some admin that's not active a lot cause of life.
What's up dudes! My name is '''Hostdude98'''! I’m a member and a local administrator of Idea Wiki! My most famous and popular idea ever created by me was [[ROBLOX: The Movie|''ROBLOX: The Movie'']]! I have joined this wiki on '''May 29, 2017''', that also marks the day my first idea was made, ''[[Moving In]]'', I then became an admin on '''December 10, 2017'''! I make Ideas that are from Devices to Movies! Be sure to come back to my profile to see what is updated!
If you want to message me or ask me a question, come to my [[Message Wall:Jadhostgamer072|message wall]], don’t be afraid! I won’t harm you in a certain way (unless if you come to annoy me), or you might want to see [ the blogs I created]!
Come on and see what is in my profile! Go relax, and have some fun while you read my profile!
== Relationships ==
=== Friends/Allies ===
* [[User:Mplaya3|Mplaya3]]
* [[User:Coolot1|Coolot1]]
* [[User: Spider-GemBlur|Spider-GemBlur ]]
* [[User:GreenGrassCreeper34|GreenGrassCreeper34]]
* [[User:SpyroFanandCollinTSB|SpyroFanandCollinTSB]]
* [[User:Knottyorchid12|Knottyorchid12]]
* [[User:CLTwins15|CLTwins15]]
* [[User:BoggleTheFrog|BoggleTheFrog]]
* [[User:Jacky 50A|Jacky 50A]]
=== Neutral ===
* [[User:StephanTheAnimator|StephanTheAnimator]]
* [[User:RetroGameFan9000|RetroGameFan9000]]
* [[User:DonaldoC1997|DonaldoC1997]]
* [[User:MovieLover9000|MovieLover9000]]
* [[User:EliMationElias|EliasImagines]]
* [[User:Supersamus 3.0|Supersamus 3.0]]
=== Enemies ===
* [[User:Sausagelover99|Sausagelover99]]
* [[User:Cartoonfan2011|Cartoonfan2011]]
* [[User:Bricky Blocks|Bricky Blocks]]
== My favorite wikis ==
* [ ROBLOX Wiki]
* [[Idea Wiki]]
* [ DreamWorks Animation Wiki]
* [ ROBLOX: The Movie Wiki]
* [ Villains Wiki]
== Ideas That I Created ==
=== Movies ===
* [[Moving In]]
* [[ROBLOX: The Movie]]
* [[An Animal's Escape]]
* [[The Lost Kids]]
* [[The Great Race]]
* [[The Duck Life Movie]]
* [[Justice League: Unision]]
* [[Galactic Humans]]
* [[Marvel Avengers: The Wrath of Loki]]
* [[Cats & Dogs 3: Mr. Tinkles Returns]]
* [[A Fly's Destiny]]
* [[This School is WILD!]]
* [[Chad's Adventure]]
* [[Ratatouille 2]]
* [[Builderman: Begins]]
* [[The Dog Traveler]]
* [[The Burrito Bison Movie]]
* [[The School's Destiny]]
* [[ROBLOX: The Movie 2: J.U.L.I.E.N.'s Revenge]]
=== Games ===
* [[ROBLOX: The Telltale Series]]
* [[ROBLOX: The Movie (video game)|ROBLOX: The Movie (video game)]]
* [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Remastered]]
* [[Super Mario Maker for Nintendo Switch]]
* [[DreamWorks Imagination]]
* [[Crash Team Racing Remastered]]
* [[Duck Hunt 2]]
=== TV Shows ===
* [[ROBLOX: The TV Series]]
* [[Bee Movie: The Adventures of Barry B. Benson]]
* [[Valuthian Knights: Valuthia Wars]]
* [[The Shrek Show]]
* [[The Plants vs. Zombies Show]]
* [[The Minecraft Show (Jadhostgamer072's Version)|The Minecraft Show]]
* [[Mech-Man]]
* [[Jailbreak]]
* [[Phineas and Ferb (Reboot)]]
* [[The Metroid Show]]
* [[Cats & Dogs: The Series]]
* [[The School Bully]]
* [[The New Super Mario Bros. Super Show!]]
=== Franchises ===
* [[ROBLOX: The Movie (franchise)]]
=== TV Channels ===
* [[NBC Kids]]
=== Amusement Parks ===
* [[DreamWorks Land]]
=== Devices ===
* [[Touch Screen TVs]]
=== Other ===
* [[Suggestions for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate|Super Smash Bros. Ultimate suggestions]]
== Planned Ideas ==
* Untitled TV Series
* Untitled TV Series
* Untitled TV Series
* Untitled Film
* ROBLOX: The Movie 3
* Untitled Video Game
== Cancelled Ideas ==
* The LEGO Movie Sequel
* Moving In 2
* The Secret Life of Pets 3
* Dog Man Film
* Shaun the Sheep Movie 2
== My Admin Career ==
=== How I became an admin ===
On December 10, 2017, Coolot1 felt offended by some troll. So he demoted himself, and asked KKDisney if i can become an admin. He said to me I deserved to become an admin because I care for people, like a lot. I was even caring to him, so KKDisney made me an admin, and I made a thread about it, lots of people were happy that I was promoted.
== User Boxes ==

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I'm just some admin that's not active a lot cause of life.

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