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Highpows is an american-thai actor known from Vyond and objects show voiced as "Grass Block" and he's making videos on youtube ,films , tv shows and he creator of highpows's world on wikia he's likes playing movies tvs and kids shows (like phil lord chris. miller overseas.) and his real name is Dean Choo. ดีนชู (Choo named this word from HK.) and my life he's cancelled making youtuber like tomska example something so i makes logo and other vids (cartoon items) his main role voice acting Grass Block From The Objects Show.  

In 2020 Highpows may leaving idea wiki and start making real-life show.


Title Role release date Notes
Welcome to the whole world Ben 2005
Night Wars Jared December 25 2014 Also Producer
Invasion Austin Frisk June 15 2015 -
My Latest Brothers And Sisters Brian October 17 2015
Shoguns Chi September 10 2016
The Ultimate-Warrior Football Oliver
Shotgunmen Barry May 12 2018 Also Producer
Barefoot Gen (2018 Remake) Ryuta Kondo December 30 2018
Wired Loners Watson October 5 2018 -
When I Am 17 Can You Feed Me? Jimmy August 15 2019
A Night Wars Christmas Party Jared December 25 2019 Also Producer
Reality Technology Zach December 30 2019 Also Producer
Friends Creek (And the other people-hood) Ajax March 11 2020
Taylor Series: Rise Of The Dreamcatacher Himself June 12 2020
Sector 12 TBA July 5 2020
The Adventures Of Victor & Dylan Scanner(character)



July 17 2020
Fritzworld Fritz The Cat 2020 Also Producer
Toys (rebooted film) Baker September 31 2020 (release date changed of coronavirus fears)
Animating Crisis Himself 2020
Unvisited Bert September 29 2020
Mr. Jealous Ron October 22 2020
Highpows's World The Movie Himself


December 2020 Also Producer
The End League Brother Occult TBA
Akira (2020 Film) Kaisuke Release Date Changed December 30 2020
Ultimate TBA January 28 2021
Who Really Killed Captain Alex (2021 Film) TBA Release Date Moved. 2021
Rat Race TBA 2021
Assassain Nation Dave 2021
Ink Pen (2021 Film) TBA July 2 2021
The White Flags TBA august 6 2021 Also Producer
Howard And Korrek : Rise Of Angst  TBA 2021 Also facial motion-capture
Element Zero Micheal Chadwood December 17 2021
Seconds Andrew January 2022
Battlestar Galatica Felix Gaeta May 23, 2022
Gravity Zone Don August 5 2022
The Return Of Magic Key Chip 2022
The Adventures Of Victor & Dylan : The Force Of Vyond Youtubers Squad Scanner

Chwyah's Dad

August 26 2022 Also Producer
Toontastic The Movie (2022 Film) Tyrone 2022
Fantastic Picture Elliot Yang December 25 2022
Toys 2 Kenneth Zevo In production

(confirmed returning 2022)

In Production
Shoguns 2 : The Defenders Of Di-Wu Chi TBA In


The Stickguys Movie TBA TBA In Production
Eric Smith Producer TBA Also Producer
Into the Nexus Jeb  TBA
The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse (Animated Movie) City Mouse TBA
Aven Colony (Film) TBA TBA

TV Shows (Others)

Title Role Aired Notes
Highpows's World Himself August 16 2007-Present Creator , Animator , Director And


Atomic Missions Tom



March 27 2008 Creator , Animator Director And Producer
The Eric Show Other Voice Appearance 2011 -
Bad Dog Lucas 2011-2012 -
999.FM - September 12 2012-2017 Also Producer
Funtimes With Asian Boys - September 30 2012


Also Producer
Stickguys TBA (voice actor) 2015 (youtube) -
The Freshbag Show Himself October 2016 -
Drunk Maker Producer December 30 2017 -Present Also Producer
Rantsworld Himself January 5 2018-Present 16 Episode(s)
Animal Cops TBA 2018-2019 TBA
The Object Show : Battle For Star Palace Grass Block 2017-Present Main Role
Level Program Rufus



December 21 2018 Also Creator And


Androids Sheep - March 8 2019 Also Producer
Fast Forward Brent June 25 2019 -
Paranormal Zack Fall 2019 -
The Boys Hunting Club Tim October 10 2019 -
The Jonathan Show Himself April 27 2020 Guest
Gacha Life (TV Series) Bennett 2020 -
Just Shoot Me! Dennis January 5-February 25 2020 -
The Hell And Heaven Adventures Of Steve Jack Nate Steve January 5 2020 Main Role
Thumber Friends Damanged December 30 2020 Also Producer
Future Phantom TBA 2021 Recurring
The Adventures In Black Stump Town Ethan 2021 Upcoming
The Adventures Of Victor & Dylan : The Animated Series TBA 2021 In-development
American Teenages TBA 2021 In Production
Cloud Atlas (Reboot) TBA 2021 -
Alex Rider (Animated Series) TBA TBA TBA
Object Megaverse! TBA TBA In-development

first real series.

The Fox And The Hound (Miniseries) TBA TBA TBA

Video Games

Title Role Release Date Notes
Highpows's World Video Game: The Random Dimension Himself


March 13 2020 -
Super Smash Bros. Object Shows Grass Block


Super Smash Bros. Object Shows : World Tour Grass Block TBA -
Super Smash Bros. Object Shows : Ultimate Grass Block