Welcome to my user page! My name is Dr Aidan Quinn! I’m a member and a new administrator of Idea Wiki, I joined the community since June of 2017 and began to slowly evolve through, However, I became an administrator on August 27, 2018! If you need help with anything, come talk to me here on either my message wall or on Discord, Just please refrain from thinking about spamming my message wall as we don't need that coming through my e-mail.

Also a reminder that aside from collaborations and other such, I do NOT take requests, which means that I kind of come up with concepts and ideas on my own sometimes, and even that it takes me a while to create them especially like my old and beaten up computer ended up the same fate like that, However: I would like to encourage people to make their own ideas whenever possible instead.

My favorite pages

I'll think about it once time goes on though.


  • "My Word"
  • "Oof"
  • "Why?"
  • "Coincidence? I think NOT!"
  • "STOP IT!!!!!!"
  • "I beg your pardon?"
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