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  • I live in CN City
  • I was born on November 14
  • My occupation is Something
  • I am Male

Welcome to CNReactionGuy18’s (Matt)’s Page!

Major Influences: Comics, Shows and Cinematic Universes, cartoons and books (that have original plot points), fiction and fantasy, The Witcher (Netflix), Riverdale (only 4 episodes) and CW’s The Flash.

Rule 1: Do NOT delete my pages without informing me of it's just an old page I haven't used for about a year or two.

Rule 2: If you are RP'ing with me, do NOT do the following: sibling/incest references, sexual content (for example Collin and Alexis + Evelynn on the bed doing y' know.).

Little History about me:

Hi, i’m a user! i joined wika in early-2014 (as MattTheCNFan?? [I don’t remember the numbers on my previous account] before I gloablled my old account in early 2017.

"You don't really have to make your ideas perfect sometimes, ignore the person who tells you constantly to improve, you can do it without someone asking you”


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  • Q: What made you into comics?
  • A: I have to say, DC Comics and Marvel really gotten into my interest.

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