Unikitty: A Magical Moment, often referred to as Unikitty's Magical Moment is an animated series that airs on September 3, 2020 on Cartoon Network. The series' plot is "Unikitty finds a secret magic mirror that takes her into a magical world with weird creatures that will help her get back to Unikingdom.". It will receive DVDs, LEGO sets and minifigures, and plush toys and school supplies and other items. Its first DVD was Unikitty: A Magical Moment Season 1 Volume 1. It is a spinoff of the 2017 series titled "Unikitty!". Tara Strong said she will NOT reprise her role as Unikitty. Instead, Jessica DiCicco will be the voice for Unikitty according to the crew's latest video of how the series will be produced. 


Princess Unikitty - Jessica DiCicco

Ice Creamer - Dee Bradley Baker

Cookies 'n Cream - Tom Kenny

Sundae Sparkles - Andrea Libman

Oreo Cookie Twins (Milky and Cookie) - Isabela Moner/Tara Strong

Prince Puppycorn - Grey Griffin

Dr. Fox - Kate Miccuci

Hawkodile/Richard (or Rick) - Roger Craig Smith

Home media

• Unikitty: A Magical Moment Season 1 Volumes 1 and 2

• Unikitty: A Magical Moment: Best of Unikitty

School supplies

Unikitty "Hiyeee!" Backpack

Ice Creamer "Wanna hang out on SUNDAE?" Lunchbox

Sundae Sparkles Pencil

A Magical Moment crayons

Oreo Cookie Twins marker 

Cookies 'n Cream pencil case


Unaired Pilot

S1E1: A Magical Moment, Part 1

S1E2: A Magical Moment, Part 2

S1E3: UniCreamer

S1E4: The Sundae Parade

S1E5: Into Outer Space

S1E6: Oreo Cookie Twins' Argument

S1E7: The UFO Invasion

S1E8: Random Ice Cream Guy

S1E9: Yes or No

S1E10: The 10th Episode, Really!

S1E11: Cookies 'n Cream

S1E12: That Was Close!

S1E13: One Word, Savage.

S1E14: The Lion Ring

S1E15: The Most Viewed Video

S1E16: Almost.....

S1E17: The Candy Statue of Liberty

S1E18: Sundae Sparkles

S1E19: Not Really

S1E20: 6 Million Sprinkles

S1E21: The Vanity Mirror

S1E22: A Very Unikitty Christmas

S1E23: Closer To Big Ben

S1E24: Attack of the 50ft Sundae

S1E25: The End Of A Magical Moment, Part 1

S1E26: The End of A Magical Moment, Part 2

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