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Unikitty! Live is a live show based the Cartoon Network animated series, "Unikitty!".


It's Unikitty's birthday today, and you're invited! Join Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, Hawkodile, and Richard as they plan a big surprise birthday bash for her. It would be up the cast members and audience to help keep Unikitty guessing until it's party time.


  • Tara Strong as Unikitty
    • Jessica DiCicco as Unikitty (for the home media and album releases)
  • Grey Griffin as Puppycorn
  • Kate Micucci as Dr. Fox
  • Roger Craig Smith as Hawkodile and Richard
  • Eric Bauza as Master Frown
  • H. Michael Croner as Brock


  • One stage with 3 giant plasma screens (Each one for showing clips of the TV series for the songs, or other footage.)
    • One screen in the center that covers up the wall behind the curtains
    • One screen on the left of the stage wall
    • One screen on the right of the stage wall
  • Regular and colored spotlights
  • Cameras for recording the footage of the show for commercial advertisements and for the home media releases
  • Smoke machines
  • Confetti blasters for the grand finale
  • Speakers for the audio output


Once the show starts, an emcee will greet the audience, then pull out his/her iPhone to call Unikitty. Suddenly, her face appears onscreen as she says her opening "Hi-eee!". After a few seconds of dialogue from the Emcee, the screens play the "Unikitty!" intro (with the title of "Unikitty!" changed to "Unikitty! Live").


Unikitty's mascot suit is the same as it was presented in Legoland, just now with the head and face tweaked to look like the TV show version of Unikitty. In addition, the mouth of Unikitty's headpiece moves up and down when she talks.

Puppycorn's mascot costume works the same as Unikitty's. Like with Unikitty's headpiece, his mouth moves up and down when he talks.

Dr. Fox, Hawkodile, Master Frown, Brock, and all other background characters appear as bipedal mascots. They gesture to their respective voice clips playing in the background.

Richard is presented as a puppet, but the puppeteer does not do his voice.


As part of some sequences within the show, clips from the "Unikitty!" TV series play during a song, with the pre-animated lip-sync matching the audio from the stereo systems. This is a technique used before in some other live shows for kids.

Sometimes instead of clips from the show, patterns on-screen would be used in its place during certain music numbers.



NOTE: I don't have any other ideas for songs to include other than the examples I gave, so I'll let you guys decide in the comments. I know "Everything is Awesome" will be featured in there somewhere, depending on which version to pick. If you have suggestions, click here to visit my song suggestion poll.


Song Name Song Origin Performer(s) Notes
"Unikitty!" theme song BABYMETAL Plays at the beginning of the show.


Song Name Song Origin Performer(s) Notes


"Unikitty! Live" would also get released on DVD, Blu-Ray, Ultra HD Blu-Ray, and Digital from Warner Home Video after the show had its run around the world.

For these releases, the show would be filmed during final dress rehearsals. This process is to avoid having baby crying noises in the background ruin the show for the viewers at home. The only sounds that will be accepted are laughing (for funny moments in the show) and applause sounds (at the end of a song).

After recording the live footage, the animated clips can transition on screen.


  • For the opening, after the live footage, the screen cuts to the animated intro saying "Unikitty! Live", then fades back to the stage as the camera pulls out during applause.
  • As Unikitty sings an extended version of "I'm Sorry", we see the animated clip of "Sparkle Matter Matters" where Unikitty sings the first verse as she glows until the screen cuts back to the live show, where behind the actors and Unikitty, the clip fades to a background with hearts on all the screens.

The home media versions allow the viewer to watch the live show with either Tara Strong's or Jessica DiCicco's dub for Unikitty after pressing "PLAY" in the main menu. Tara Strong's dub being used in all the live shows and merchandising, while Jessica DiCicco's dub has her redub all of Unikitty's speaking and singing lines with the Unikitty voice she used in "The LEGO Movie Videogame".

Other bonus features include sing-alongs of every song (with an option on each song to sing with the characters or sing by yourself) and a 22-minute "making of" featurette, where Unikitty (voiced by Tara Strong) takes the audience backstage with the staff of this show, and the crew members showing you how the technology was performed in terms of the lightings, the angry Unikitty scene, and how they put the clips from the show onto the three on-stage plasma screens.


A 2-Disc Deluxe Edition album will be released physically on CD and on Digital for download, containing the show's songs in their original and instrumental variants. Jessica DiCicco's dub for the songs Unikitty sang in the show would available as bonus tracks.

The soundtrack would be released under WaterTower Music and Cartoon Network Music.




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