This is the transcript of Unicorn Quest.


[The Theme song plays.]

[At the McDuck manor, Scrooge is shown talking to the kids.]

Scrooge: Alright, I want to tell you something. Today is St. Patrick’s Day.

Louie: Wow, good thing I can’t get pinched.

Huey: That's why you're wearing green.

Louie: And you thought I was lazy.

Huey: Oh wait, you've been wearing green for the past year.

Louie: True. Really true.

[Louie then grabs his phone and checks.]

Scrooge: Louie, we are in the middle of something.

Louie: Oh... Fine.

Scrooge: Anyways There is a curse that runs down the McDuck Family.

Webby: [Gasps] Really?

Scrooge: Yes. There is a curse. It is a terrible curse. One time I dropped my lucky dime, and suddenly, it was lost for a whole thirty minutes! And also my dear jewelry got lost in the well and it took 3 hours, and a tree fell on the well.

Huey: Oh my gosh! That was horrible!

Scrooge: Exactly! That’s what I mean! Which it's why I am going on a voyage to make sure it won’t happen.

Webby: I'm coming with you. Wait, what are we doing?

Scrooge: We're going to the place where I can cure the curse of this family. [Sighs] If only I hadn't pinched that one who

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