Uncharted/Tomb Raider: TBA an action-adventure third person shooter platform crossover game developed by Naughty Dog and Crystal Dynamics and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. This is the very first crossover between the Tomb Raider series and Uncharted series This will be for the PlayStation 4, X-Box One, and Nintendo Switch. This takes place after Tomb Raider Underworld and an alternate timeline of the Uncharted series.

The game's main plot involves Nathan Drake meeting with Lara Croft and the two team up to find the mythical Elixir of Life.


"But a strong nonbeliever cannot be compelled to believe, for he has to convince himself to even try." - Count of St Germain

Prologue (Lara):

In the pacific ocean on a boat, Lara Croft is in a tropical storm to retrieve a precious artifact on a well guarded cargo ship.

Chapter 1: (Nathan)

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3: Unexpected Encounter

Chapter 4:


Main Characters

  • Nathan "Nate" Drake (voiced by Nolan North): The main protagonist. Nathan Drake is a professional treasure hunter and fortune seeker who travels across the world to uncover various historical mysteries behind numerous hidden treasures and lost cities. Nate wears his trade mark a trademark ring as a necklace from his ancestor, famed explorer Sir Francis Drake. The ring is inscribed with Sir Francis' motto, "Sic Parvis Magna" meaning "Greatness from small beginnings."
  • Lara Croft (voiced by Keelay Hawes): The second main protagonist. Lara is an intelligent English archeologis, and a highly athletic explorer who travels around the world searching for lost forgotten artifacts while infiltrating ancient tombs, temples and ruins. After the events from her last adventure, as Lara starts to move on her life, she still mourns the lost of her friend and research assistant, Alistair Fletcher. Lara is a beautiful attractive woman with an athletic body, brown eyes, long brown hair in a pony tail, toned broad shoulders, 34D breasts, and long legs. She's 5,9 feet high, 35in hips, and 24in waist.

Allies and NPCs

  • Elena Fisher (voiced by Emily Rose):
  • Victor "Sully" Sullivan (voiced by Richard McGonagle):
  • Charlie Cutter (voiced by Graham McTavish): Returns from his little vacation to help Nathan and his new friend, Lara.
  • Zip (voiced by Alex Desert): Lara’s tech support.
  • Kurtis Trent (portrayed by Josh Keaton): A colleague of Lara who she used to date in her youth. Trent acts as Lara’s research assistant after Alistair Fletcher.
  • Winston Smith (voiced by Martin Jarvis): Lara's faithful servant and butler to the Croft family.
  • Anaya Imanu (voiced by Melissa Lloyd): A good friend of Lara Croft and an engineer.
  • ??? (voiced by Michael Wincott): A new character who is a Saurian, a creature that is part-man, part-lizard. His appearance is more reptilian when adding a tail, thick skin and a snout. He was then given human cloths to blend in.
  • Amanda Evert (April Stewart): Amanda returns from her leg injury after the events in Tomb Raider: Underworld. Thaddeus found her half dead in the snow and his men brought her back to his penthouse to be nursed back to health. He then offered Amanda to join him on his quest and exchange he would award her with riches for her efforts and loyalty.

Minor characters

  • Shaza (Chantelle Barry): A female Australian waitress and minor character. Shaza is a young woman that runs a tavern in Havana with her family, Colby and father Geoff, the bartender.
  • Geoff:


  • Percival Serone (Oded Fehr): The main antagonist. He is 42 year old successful businessman, entrepreneur and a wealthy historian collector who spent his lifetime searching for the mythical elixir of life and to obtain the goal for immortality. He took over Natla Technologies as the new CEO of newly renamed Serone Innovations. Thaddeus is well familiar with Lara Croft after he crossed paths with her on many occasions at Galas and Antique ceremonies. As for Nathan Drake, he finds him as another persistent thief sticking his nose in his business.
  • Suzanna Leigh (Yvonne Strahovski): The secondary antagonist and Serone’s right hand woman. Suzanna is a beautiful yet devious and sadistic woman with hazel eyes and long crimson hair.
  • Reinhardt Killgrave (JB Blanc): The tertiary antagonist. He is a ruthless warmonger and leader of his private military brigade. Bishop and his Mercenaries were hired by Serone to find the Elixir of Life and its treasures
  • Drakhall (Kevin M. Richardson): A large black/grey dangerous Saurian who now works for Percival since he found him with a block of amber and broke him out. In return of mutual gratitude, Deetsan offered his assistance to Percival as guide to the Elixir which his people have been keeping guard for thousands of years. He wears an impenetrable sleeveless armored vest, bracers, and wrist blades on his wrists which are equiped with small wrist-mounted machine guns. He has razor sharp teeth, claws and a long prehensile tail.
  • The Quartet gang: A group of thieves and bounty hunters who were hired by Percival to obtain historical documents and journals for any information of the elixir of life. They are also common enemies of Nathan Drake whom they tried to kill many times.
    • Carmine (Jason Spisak): The self-proclaimed leader of the group made up of him, Geki, Richter and Ben. Carmine is a former business associate of Nathan Drake. He has a pair sub machine guns and a Stiletto.
    • Leon Cavana: A redneck outlaw for hire. Leon has a Harrison 1890 rifle and a whip.
    • Richter (John DiMaggio) A tall British brute and the least intelligent of the group. He has a triple barreled sawed off shotgun.
    • Ginzo Masamune (Matthew Yang King): A Japanese thug and former Yakuza who is the most calm and sadistic of the group. Ginzo has a Sten SMG and a Guntō.


  • Mercenaries (voiced by Steven Blum, Daniel Riordan, Ryan Alosio, Lex Lang, Rick Wasserman, André Sogliuzzo, Wyatt Bowen, Patrick Seitz, Ray Chase, Larry Herron, Brian T. Delaney, Rick Pasqualone and Keith Ferguson): Their vehicles are APCs, Jeeps, Tanks, Trucks, Helicopters, Motorbikes, Boats.
    • Grunts
    • Snipers
    • Shotgunners
    • Armored Enforcers
    • Brutes
  • Hired Thugs (voiced by Danny Jacobs, Mark Allan Stewart, Keith Ferguson, Gideon Emery, Eric Bauza and Yuri Lowenthal)
  • Raptors
  • Giant Spiders
  • Pterodactyls
  • Eels
  • Savage Saurians


  • APC
  • Deetsan (1st):
  • Helicopter
  • Susanna
  • Ivan’s APC
  • Alpha Sabretooth Tiger
  • Giganotosaurus
  • Deetsan (2nd)
  • Ivan and his Tank
  • Amanda and her reborn Force Monster
  • Spider Queen
  • Suzanna
  • Saurian Riders(3):
  • Saurian Champion
  • Deetsan (final time)
  • Thaddeus infused with Cursed Guardian after drink from the Elixir of Life



  • AK-47
  • HK G36
  • Harbinger Sniper
  • Copperhead SR7
  • PAK-80
  • Carrigan 53
  • Stoner 63
  • 30-30 winchester


  • Duel Handguns (Lara Croft only)
  • 92FS-9mm
  • Silenced Pistol
  • Micro-9mm
  • Enforcer G26
  • Wess-44 Revolver
  • Raffica
  • Desert-5

Shot Guns

  • Sawed-Off Shotgun
  • Benelli M4 Super 90
  • SAS-12
  • S-12 Shotgun


  • Mk-NDI
  • C4
  • China Lake GL
  • M32-Hammer

Incendiary weapons

  • Molotov cocktails
  • LPO-50 Flamethrower
  • M9 Flamethrower

Melee weapons

  • Machetes

Chapter Locations


  • Pacific Ocean
    • Thaddeus’ Cargo Ship

There are over 30 chapters through the walkthrough.

Chapter 1

  • Cuba, Havana
    • The Tavern

Chapters 2-4

Chapters 5-7

Chapters 8-10

Chapter 11

  • Croft Manor


The game will feature the elements of both game series with combination of platforming, exploration of environments, set pieces and puzzle solving. Such tactics include jumping, swimming, grabbing, shooting, climbing structures, sneaking along ledges, and swinging from ropes. Actions such as driving and boat riding were added. In addition of fighting enemies through melee combat and gunplay. The melee combat system and mechanics retains the elements from Uncharted 3: Drake Deception, where the players use the surrounding to take down enemies. Although the melee mechanics are different between Drake and Croft

The game is set in several countries, featuring urban,

Relics return as collectibles with Treasures and are hidden throughout each of the levels.

Ooptional conversations between characters return to

Players will either play as Lara or Nathan or in single player or online Multiplayer.

If your playing single player mode, the two main characters will be a NPC who will assist you through out the game. You can also switch between characters with the up directional button to play as Nathan Drake or Lara Croft and there will be a third switchable weapon with the down directional button either a melee weapon, an incendiary weapon or an RPG.


To be added


Nate's Outfits

  • Standard:

Lara's Outfits

  • Standard Expedition:
    • grey-brown top with V-neck
    • brown mini shorts
    • brown boots w/h white socks
    • black fingerless gloves
  • Casual:
    • Light Grey long sleeve top, with 'v' neck
    • Brown colored slacks
    • black high heels
  • Bodysuit


  • This takes place after the events of Tomb Raider: Underworld and 1 year after Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.
  • This introduces incendiary weapons.
  • Most animals have been introduced to the crossover a enemies for both Drake and Croft such as crocodiles, giant spiders and raptors.
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