Note: all voices are provided by Ultrasun2000, who is simply doing impressions of said VA's

Michel Still-something as Hamato Leonardo

Wayne Grayson as Hamato Michelangelo

Sam Rigel as Hamato Donatello

Nolan North as Hamato Raphael

Hon Lee as Hamato Splinter

Veronica Taylor as April O'Neil

Marc Tompson as Casey Jones

Peter Lurie as Leatherhead

Cassandra Peterson as Mrs. Cambell/ Mortu

Zelda Williams as Mona Lisa

Tara Jayne as Angel

David Tenant as Professor Honeycutt/ Fugitoid

All 4 turtle voice actors as Metalhead

Scottie Rae as Oroku Saki/Shredder/Krang

Greg Carrey as Hunter Mason/Hun

Zhang Zihi as Hamato Miwa/Oroku Karai

Barry Gordon as Anton Zeck/Bebop

Cam Clarke as Ivan Steranko/ Rocksteady

Christian Lanz as Tokka

Clancy Brown as Razhar

Scott Williams as Baxter Stockman

David Zen Masley as Agent Bishop

Jeffery Combs as Victor Falco

Ted Lewis as Ve-Sama

Darran Dunstan as Drako

Dan Green as Ultimate Damyo

J David Brimmer as Prime Leader Zanramon

Dan Green as Mozar

FB Owens as Traximus

??? as FNAF 2 animatronics.

Scott Cawthon as Purple Guy/ Springtrap


Utroms Among Us

After an attack from the foot, the Turtles head to the bottom of the Hudson River to see if the Shredder really is back, and uncover brain-like aliens in the abandoned TCRI building.

Hunted Robot From Dimension X

The Turtles, stranded on the utrom home world D'Hoonib in Dimension X, make a new friend in the Fugitoid, and new enemies in the Triceratons.

Springtrap Strikes Back

Purple Guy, merged with a spring locked Bonnie suit, lures the animatronics and the turtles to a trap in Fazbears Fright.

More New Mutants

Shredder hires the mutant bounty hunters Tokka and Rahzar to kill the Turltes.


Mikey and April meet a mutant gator named Leatherhead.

Return Of Stockman

A dying Baxter Stockman tries to kill April, but dies anyway, though he gets the chance to shoot April in the end.

City At War

A war breaks out between the forces of Shredder and Bishop.

Mona Lisa

Raphael falls in love with a female mutant lizard.

Blind Faith

April wakes up from her coma, but must adapt to being temporairaly blind.


Donatello and Leatherhead's invention Metalhead goes out of control and is found by Bishop.

Fallen Angel

Casey find's out his younger sister Angel joined the Purple Dragons.

Home Invasion: Part 1

After Leonardo and Casey fight off Tokka and Rahzar, Shredder finds the lair.

Home Invasion: Part 2

The turtles must battle all their foes so far in their own home turf.

Other Stuff

This season uses the same title sequence as the previous season.

The music is composed by Brian Taylor. (I wish)

It will be released on the YouTube channel Ultrasun2000.

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