Ultra Street Fighter Classics: Stories of the World Warrior (Ultra Street Fighter Classics: Path of the World Warrior or ウルトラストリートファイタークラシックス:世界戦士の道; Urutorasutorītofaitākurashikkusu: Sekai senshi no michi in Japan) is an upcoming remastered retelling of the Classic Street Fighter games, with improved visuals, gameplay and elements.


The Game will retell the events of the Classic Street Fighter games, from the first to the third Game in addition to the Alpha trilogy along with a lot of changes to make the story more revelant and fined.


The Remaster plays like the previous titles, with certain parts being altered and refined.


Playable Roster

  1. Ryu 
    • Evil Ryu
  2. Ken
    • Violent Ken
  3. Guy
  4. Mike Haggar
  5. Cody
  6. Chun-Li
    • Shadow Lady
  7. Cammy 
  8. Akuma
  9. Dhalsim
  10. M. Bison
  11. Zangief
  12. Sakura 
    • Sunburned Sakura
  13. Dan
  14. Guy
  15. Poison
  16. Guile
  17. Yun and Yang 
  18. Alex
  19. Balrog
  20. Sagat
  21. E. Honda
  22. Fei Long
  23. Birdie
  24. Sodom
  25. Elena
  26. Little Mac (for Nintendo Switch; if Possible)


Voice Cast

Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Ryu Kyle Herbert
Chun-Li Fumiko Orikasa Laura Bailey
Ken Masters Reuben Langdon

Collector's Edition 

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