This idea is a joke.

It is a joke idea made only for fun. It is not meant to be taken seriously.

Ultra Sentai Tropeger is a Parody of Sentai Tropes that might be made into a Fanfiction Possible Adaptions include Power Rangers Trope Force or Power Rangers Cliché Force


Trope Cards

These Cards can be used to transform.

Trope Sentai Cards

This is a Type of Trope Card that allows transforming into Overused Sentai Tropes there are 3 commonly used types Dinosaurs,Ninjas and Cars

Sentai Card Bags

These are also used to transform in order to use them they need to Swipe their Trope Cards into the slot in the left side of the Bag.



Higashi Ryou/Tropeger Red

Ryou is the Leader of Tropeger and the Master of Lampshade Hanging As he is a Sentai Fan. His English Counterpart is Kendall "Kenny" Burton

Hino Sakura/Tropeger Blue

Sakura is the Genius of Tropeger and is Ryou's Best Friend. Her English Counterpart is Madeline Harper

Chinen Rio/Tropeger Sliver

Rio is the Brawn of Tropeger and is the most joked by the team about as he isn't a sixth ranger and is Sliver. His English Counterpart is Percy "Perc" Carson

Amamiya Hotaru/Tropeger Pink

Hotaru is the beauty of Tropeger but her brawn is second only to Rio. Her English Counterpart is Cindy Smith-Johnson

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