Ultimate Spider-Man and the New Avengers is an alternate TV series story-line for the fourth and final season of the series (originally entitled Ultimate Spider-Man vs. the Sinister 6). The story focuses on the adventures of Peter Parker as Spider-Man and his fellow trainees in S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy, now a team of independent superheroes known as the New Avengers, who work their way to battle powerful and dangerous threats, including Doctor Octopus and his Sinister Six, who had joined ranks with HYDRA, as they also work to keep their new family together. The story also focuses on Peter's childhood friend Mary Jane Watson, who personally learns of his secret as Spider-Man and whose friendship with him is increased into romance, as she also joins the New Avengers as the Indomitable Phoenix Princess after becoming the new bonding host of the Light Side of the fiery Phoenix Force. Along with several characters who appeared in previous seasons and in the series' companions Avengers Assemble, Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. and Guardians of the Galaxy, many Marvel characters who did not appear in the original series' story-line appear in the story, including Black Cat, Firestar and Jessica Jones (under the alter-ego of Jewel). Captain America also has a central role in the story as one of the young heroes' closest allies and mentors. The show is also connected to Avengers: New Heroes’ Time, the alternate story of Avengers: Ultron Revolution.


Episode List:

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  1. Swinging for a Friend, Part 1: Homecoming
  2. Swinging for a Friend, Part 2: New Avengers Assemble!
  3. The Phoenix Awakens
  4. The Phoenix's Quest
  5. Six to Six
  6. Shadows of HYDRA
  7. Flight of the Iron Phoenix
  8. The Kid Arachnid is Alright
  9. Circus of Illusions
  10. Carnage Vengeance
  11. Superior Loki
  12. Captain Peter Parker at Your Service
  13. Phoenix Lake
  14. The Living Shadow of the Night
  15. Nightmares in Red
  16. The Big Hero 7
  17. Animal Instincts
  18. Monsters vs. Machines
  19. Symbiotes of Doom
  20. Big Bang Buddies
  21. Green v. Red: Madness Returns
  22. Soul Burn
  23. The Spider-Phoenix
  24. The Spider-Man Trilogy Showcase
  25. Ultimate Alliance, Part 1: The Wolf Spider of Midtown Street
  26. Ultimate Alliance, Part 2: One More Day


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While some songs from the original series will be reused, the show will also use replays and remixes from soundtrack of previous Spider-Man films and other MCU songs. The End Credits songs, which was originally a Guitar Mix from Spider-Man's official song "Look Out! Here Comes the Spider-Man", is now a Guitar Mix from the soundtrack of Marc Webb's 2012 Reboot composed by James Horner (as shown in the video below).


The Amazing Spider Man OST Medley (1, 2 Main theme) Rock version

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